How often do you go out for special offers in the Clash Royale?

Black Friday, all kinds of companies take advantage to get on the bandwagon of events and special offers. From physical shops to stores online, through video games of all kinds. And supercell wasn’t going to be less.

What are these special offers?

They are the offers that appear in the store to buy, usually on the left side of everything. Although sometimes they appear in the form of a pack, to buy gems + gold + chest at a cheap price.

But we also have the special offers that come out when an epic or common card appears in the game. It happened with the Megaesbirro and the other day with the tornado. They go out to shop in the store.. And usually they are a lot for not too much money.

These special offers usually come out once a week. In the last month and a half I have been noticing, and considering that I have bought all the legendary… If I remember correctly I bought as 4 or 5… That means an average of one legendary a week comes out. The same for the special offers. Now we also have the King’s Cup offers, often weekly approximately.

Clash Royale and Black Friday the “offers” that arrived during the Black Friday, because precisely the discounts and for free or for a few gems, we can do with a series of fairly succulent prizes. In fact, one of its main attractions is that the retries cost half of these. Specifically, 5 gems for the second and 50 for the third, contrary to the 10 and 100 that would be worth in normal conditions.

This is a triple challenge of choice, ie to complete it we will have to go from one to another, within which the rewards are getting better. The first is informal, so we can not fall eliminated. We will only have to win a series of crowns to unlock the second, where it really starts the interesting.

This second phase is made up of six battles, and we are only allowed to lose two. In that case, and as we said, we will have to disburse 5 gems. In any case it is worthwhile since its prizes range from a quality Exchange card common to a precious legendary, plus some minor chests and coins.

The third stage consists of twelve battles loaded with great prizes, of the most interesting in Clash Royale. Upon completing the third victory we will obtain a special token, after the seventh one epic and after the legendary one eleventh.

So if we get to the end of the three we will be possessing two of the most prized tokens of all Clash Royale. All this added to the interesting amounts of coins (up to 20,000 in the last battle) and the chests of the great challenges.

Easter arrives at Clash Royale in the form of offers

In the Easter party Tambiem Supercell launch new special offers such as the great offer is the barrel of barbarian box for 1200 gems and also gives us a total of 575 letters of which 115 will be special and 19 epic.

On the other hand there are also three more common offers where we can buy the exclusive flash box or chest of the legendary king, two chests that came recently to the game and for the moment can not be achieved in the normal rotation of the rest of chests.