How much time do you charge the Galaxy S6 for the first time?

If you just bought a Galaxy S6, it is important that you know how much time you have to load it the first time. As you have explained in an article generic response, but if you have the Galaxy S6 it is important that you know the exact amount of time you have to devote for everything to go well with the passage of time. Do you still asking how much time you should charge the Galaxy S6 for the first time? You have:

How long should I charge the Galaxy S6 for the first time

rumours Circulate about the charge cycles of the batteries, and how much we should charge it the first time you take it out of the box. It is said, or rather evil tongues say, that the first time you get a mobile it is ideal to wait for it to download and upload it all (with the phone off to be able to). Actually this is a myth and is wrong.

Cuánto tiempo cargo el Galaxy S6 la primera vez

own guys Samsung recommend this for the Galaxy S5, and is applicable to the Galaxy S6. The good thing about these terminals is that we can carry the load at any time, we do not have to wait for it to download completely or anything like that. So if we have just received the Galaxy S6, we can use it normally, without having to download it on purpose, or charge it to full before using it.

Simply, load it in how much we see that is needed and before running out to the full.

Now the mobile phones are more robust than ever, and the battery also. Usually take more battery than change of mobile, especially with the leaps of technology that we have in the market, that make you want to give the jump to a new mobile every year.

Recommendations for the battery in the Galaxy S6

But in terms of battery, it is important that we take into account the following tips, apply to Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, and derivatives:

  • it Is advisable to load the mobile before download all.
  • If the battery is charged to 100%, the ideal is to let us upload it. Many chargers no longer do so automatically.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone when it is charging especially if we were to use a charger that is fast charging (could overheat).
  • Avoid exposing the battery to high temperatures.

If you follow these tips, our Galaxy S6 will live on for a long time. Take these recommendations into consideration of battery is important. And remember: do not let your samsung Galaxy S6 download to complete and then load it, is worse.

Performs the loads in a natural way, and of course, try to upload it to a minimum. The ideal would be to plug it in every night, and if you endure two nights, the better.

What is your samsung Galaxy S6 in the topics of battery? Are you happy?