How can enhance the collaboration of your team

Project team meetings have gone from weekly affairs to daily stand-ups. And to meet the needs of the modern project management, people should adopt newer methods of business practices. And this is the reason for the existence of is a visual collaboration tool that helps your team manage projects, meet deadlines and create a transparent work culture. With a glance, you can track the progress of any project.

It also keeps messages and files in one place so that your device stays synchronized. Let's look at and the features it offers to make project management fun and easy.

Let's start with

Getting your team on board a project is a simple process. so visit the monday website and enter your work email address. The application will ask you a series of questions to customize the board according to your needs.

These include how many users you have, what you plan to use the application for, the name of your workspace, what your team does and more.

Understanding the basic terminology works on three related elements: boards, groups and items. The board; It is a virtual whiteboard to store your projects. A group; It is a color-coded section that contains your elements (or tasks). They can be a week, a month, a specific step of a project or anything else you want. Thus, each group can contain dozens of articles.

The items are the basic components of monday. Each item represents an individual row or line on which a team member is working. The content of it depends on the plan of the board.

For example, in blogs, these represent individual articles, a writer who works on that article, the date of publication and more. The task should have a clear and actionable message summarized in a simple description.

Develop your productivity system with

In the first step, we will create a new board. Click the plus (+) button next to Boards to open the menu of that board. Choose Blank Board to start from scratch or import your data directly from platforms such as Asana, Trello or a CSV file.

To add a template, click on “Choose from a template”. offers you many predefined templates, including marketing, content production, project management and more.

When you create a board, it is visible to any team member within your account. If you are the owner, you can change the type of board. To do this, click on the "Hamburger menu" in the upper right corner and choose Change board type.

Shareable panels allow you to interact with external guests, so you can share the progress with your customers or inventory with your suppliers. On the contrary, private meetings are for confidential work. You can change the type of panel when you need it.

Working with groups

To add a new group, move the mouse over the arrow of any present group. Click and choose Add group. A new tab will appear at the top of your board, just below the filter bar.

The menu has some more actions. You can duplicate a group, move the group to another board, change its color and export to Excel.

Before starting to form groups, think about what type of group will help your team organize their work. Although there is no limit on the creation of groups, you may want to restrict the number to facilitate the monitoring process. Discuss with your team to understand how they want to work with groups.

Working with items

To add an item, click on the box that says + Add and type the title of the item. Then press Enter. If you think the title is getting too long, divide the actionable tasks into smaller tasks.

To create a checklist, click on the item title to slide the right panel to the main view. Then, open the Updates tab. Then, open Checklist and write your tasks.

A checklist icon will appear next to the item title. Hover over any item and click on the menu button that appears on the left to see more options. You can duplicate an item, move the item to another group or board, or archive it.

Add columns in the task list

On, each type of item is below a particular column. This helps you build a process and a way to include all the necessary aspects to complete the tasks. But you can even add more columns so you can adapt to the requirements of your team.

To add a column, click the plus (+) button on the right end of the board. Choose the column you want to add from the options or the center of the column. Here are some types of columns:

  • People: You can assign each task to a specific member or to several users.
  • Status: to visually track the progress of your tasks.
  • Date: Set due dates for your tasks.
  • Formula: Excel formula with mathematical capabilities. team communication and collaboration

Communication is a crucial aspect of teamwork, because each team has different roles. Fortunately, Monday is customizable enough to encapsulate every type of person in your organization.

To collaborate, you must first create a team. To do this, click on your profile icon and choose: Invite members. Now, enter your email address and click Invite.

Click the + New button and type the team name, then select Add new team members and add your team. Creating a team has two benefits. You can mention @TeamName in an update or response to notify the entire team and even send files. It is also possible to add all TeamName members as subscribers to any Board.

Third-party automation and integration at allows you to connect seamlessly with third-party tools and services to consolidate your work. To start, click on the Integration button at the top of your board. In this way, you can find a list of all the applications that connect to the platform.

When managing projects, there are some repetitive tasks that you must do every day. allows you to configure predefined automation rules to create or modify events automatically. To start, press the Automation button at the top of your board.

You can set rules to notify a team member when a project's due date arrives, set reminders of due dates, set recurring actions to create an item or duplicate a group. And much more. gives you 24/7 support

If you get stuck while working with for any reason. Or instead, if you want to learn specific steps to succeed, then support is available 24 hours a day. Your device is installed in both Israel and New York, and they promise to respond in 30 minutes.

An all-in-one project management tool offers you a lot of tools to customize and personalize your company's dashboard through a customizable interface, data feed, automation and team collaboration.

Starting with this tool takes some time, but once you learn the features, you can easily adapt to the workflow. Sign up for the free 14-day trial to see if it's suitable for your team or not. And if it works for you, check Monday's pricing page for more details.

Finally, you can download the application for Android, iOS and for desktop computers.