How many mb consume a video calling on WhatsApp?

¿how Many megs consume video calls WhatsApp? This question is the start to many users, and curiously, before the video of WhatsApp available for Android, we know that this moment is about to arrive for some users of iOS have already tested it on their iPhone.

From version 2.16.3 the video of WhatsApp have come to iOS. But these calls have not come from the blow to the whole world that has a iPhone, but as it happened with the calls, iran activating progressive way so as not to saturate the service. All this we have seen in PasteBin and the following image speaks for itself:

videollamadas whatsapp ios

Megas that spend video calls WhatsApp

If you want to know the data consumed by the video of WhatsApp, I’m afraid that for now you’ll have to wait, because users have been able to try out WhatsApp on iOS have only said that have not altered the consumption, because only tested a few minutes, but it could all be very different if we tested a hour for example.

we Know that the consumption will be considerably higher than a normal call because there are also video, but it will not be too much, but would not have landed in WhatsApp, but we recommend that the to do for Wi-Fi.

A video call Skype for phone spends about 500 kbps. In the case of WhatsApp, things could go by there or a bit less (still not what we can confirm), but at least you can get an idea of the consumption will not leave you without data, unless you spend the whole day in the video.

What do you think about these data? Do you think that WhatsApp will consume more megs of video call Skype? The controversy is served. While we wait, can you tell us your opinion in the comments, sure that soon arrive and we have the answer.