How do you put a background on WhatsApp on Xiaomi MIUI?

Fondo personalizado WhatsApp Xiaomi MIUI

Put a custom wallpaper on WhatsApp it is very easy from a mobile Xiaomi. To put a wallpaper in WhatsApp you just have to enter in the Settings of WhatsApp – Chats – Fund and put a wallpaper directly from the Gallery, a solid color, one of the gallery funds or directly to leave it without a background.

however, sometimes, in mobile as the current Xiaomi with the ROM MIUI put a background of WhatsApp become a very difficult task. The problem is not that the process change but the latest ROMs from MIUI 7 and MIUI 8 are giving errors with this function and when you open the setting to put a background that does not let us choose a custom background. How do we solve the problem?

Poner fondo WhatsApp Xiaomi

How to put a background of WhatsApp custom Xiaomi MIUI?

it Is easy to put a custom wallpaper for WhatsApp in the MIUI of Xiaomi the normal thing would be to do it as we mentioned at the beginning, but if you’re one of those users that have problems to change the background of screen is there a trick that will allow you to do so.

Not that this is the final solution but as long as the ROMs of MIUI is not updated and it solves the problem it is best to do so directly, because it will not cost you anything and will help you to put a custom wallpaper quickly and without having to go installing programs rare.

  • Send a picture to a contact either, this image is the picture that we want to put background screen.
  • once sent, clicking on the conversation and open the image.
  • To open the image clicking up to the right in the Settings (the three points in a vertical way), and we click to Use as the background.
  • We let you choose the area of the image that we are going to use as a background, and we will have a custom wallpaper on WhatsApp.

As you can see to do this is very simple and while there is not a solution to the problem we will have to make do with this. The process is very simple, much more so than most of the people imagine that you can’t put a custom wallpaper on WhatsApp from your mobile Xiaomi.

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