How do you create the video, ” Happy Friendship Day! on Facebook?

Crear video dia amistad Facebook

When I wake up this morning I have seen that Facebook has enabled a new selection to create a video on the Happy Friendship Day!. According to them, today is the Friendship Day and anyone can create his new video to share on your wall.

If you want to create the video surely you have a notification in your wall, but otherwise we’ll leave you the link to create this new video at the end of the article. In this new video for celebrate Friendship Day Facebook has gathered a lot of photos of yourself with friends and profile pictures of your friends to create a video that somewhat curious.

Feliz dia amistad Facebook

Happy Friendship Day for Facebook! Do you still not have your video?

In the video you can see a new creature (a kind of spirit) created with a heap of circular frames and photos from your Facebook. This creature moves to the rhythm of the music and occasionally shows some of its frames near to see the pictures that are in it.

If the video you don’t like it you can always modify some of the pictures that come out but what is certain is that the video shows more time with the doll and the phrases from Facebook that our own photos. Is a video funny but sure that you also want to have yours to share on the wall with your friends.

Celebrate the Friendship Day with Facebook!

by Clicking here you can have the video to celebrate the Happy Friendship Day! on Facebook. do you Still don’t have it? The video can be done either from the PC or from the mobile. You’ll be able to preview it and then, once this is done, you’ll be able to post it on your wall or to modify the photos in the video that you don’t like.

it Is likely that exit any photo compromised, a photo of a friend that we don’t like or are even missing some of our best friends and have to leave in the video. All of the photos you can choose a to a and that is best of all. Enjoy Happy Friendship Day, congratulations from all of us at Androidphoria. Is the 13th anniversary of Facebook and we must celebrate it.