How do I view the video of your birthday that makes Facebook?

Video cumpleanos Facebook

Facebook is an application that has many fashions and what is true is that not only do to earn your trust, but because it’s really the team enjoys seeing your videos of birthday in the timeline (this…who will you believe? xD). When it is your birthday, Facebook created a video and lets you share but if you discard it is likely that you will not find one.

How to see the video of your birthday in Facebook? it Is likely you don’t know it but Facebook creates videos for birthday, videos of reminders of friendship and more things for you, but if you’ve dismissed these videos are not deleted at the time and there is a place where they can be seen.

Transmision en directo Facebook 2016

Where is the video of your birthday that Facebook has created?

If your birthday has been less than 90 days or Facebook has shared a video with you in the last 90 days in this link you can find it.

Facebook stores on your videos all of the videos that Facebook has created in the last 90 days if you regret and want to share them. If it has been more than 90 days it is likely that the video of your birthday has gone away and if you want to have access to a new video you can do two things: O change the date of your birthday in the biography (not recommended) or wait for the next birthday in which Facebook surely has created a new video for you, it is likely that different.

Facebook stores videos that you’ve not shared for 90 days

format video Facebook changes every once in a while but always end up similar, a cake, some of your best photos, and congratulations on the part of Facebook.

If you’ve already shared a video you’ll have to look at the timeline since in this tab is only stored videos that you have not shared, and not those that you have already shared. If you don’t know that in your timeline there is a small search engine that allows you to browse the publications and if you remember the video that you are looking for is easy to find. did you Know that Facebook stored for 90 days in the videos that you have not shared?