How can you successfully contact Instagram support?

If you have a problem with your IG account, the first thing you'll look for support is, of course, Instagram support. Therefore, here are some ways to contact Instagram in 2019. And so you can satisfactorily solve the problems with your account.

In addition to this, you should keep in mind that, due to the large volume of Instagram users. It may be unlikely that you will get an answer. Unless it's a flagrant security breach, or a known exploit. Also, if you want this probability to change in your favor, then you should continue reading on these lines.

How to contact Instagram support

Also, so that you can request and receive help from the social network, you just have to follow these steps:

1.- You must go to

2.- Now, on the left side, you must click on “Privacy and security center”.

3.- Next, you must click on Report something.

4.- You must select the type of problem you are experiencing.

5.- In the same way, you should look for a link that says: “report it”.

6.- Finally, fill in the form and press “Send”.

In the same way, you can contact support (although with fewer options), directly in the mobile application of IG. The steps to follow are:

1.- First, you must go to your profile.

2.- Click on “Settings” in the upper right.

3.- Scroll down to Support. Now, click on Report a problem.

4.- Finally, follow the instructions.

Why aren't you getting an Instagram response?

Similarly, this answer could be twofold: first, your inconvenience is probably not such a high priority for Instagram.

Second, it is a social network that has more than one billion users. Therefore, they probably receive an absurd amount of help and support notifications. That are too many to handle. It is even a lot for a company the size of Facebook.

In this sense, Instagram is known for its beautiful images, not for its customer service, unfortunately.

Where to find quick help for your Instagram problems

Also, a good place to go is the Help Portal at Therefore, you can write your question at the top and see if there is an answer that corresponds to your need. Another option would be to send a message to the Facebook or Twitter Instagram page. Also, you can try asking a question on the Instagram Reddit.

What kind of problems can you report to Instagram support?

So, we show you a list of all the problems for which you can request help in this social network:

Hacked accounts: select this option if you think your account has been hacked.

Impersonation accounts: select this option if you have proof that an account has been impersonated by you.

Minor children: click on this option if you think you have found an account that belongs to someone under 13.

Hate Accounts: Click this option to report a hate speech account.

Similarly, and as the best thing for Facebook is to keep you happy, (so spend more money), they are likely to respond quickly.