HIMO C20, the electric bike with 80 km of autonomy that Xiaomi sells in his shop

electric bikes are a good alternative to travel in any city. They are easy to use and handle them is the most fun. The HIMO C20 is an electric bike with 80 km of autonomy. Is available in the shop of Xiaomi, and has everything to make you fall in love.

This electric bike is ideal to go to the gym, to the bakery or to any site that is relatively close to. it is Perfect for those who want a change in your routine!

Features of the HIMO C20

caracteristicas himo c20

Autonomy To 80 km (traveling at an average speed of 25 km/h) – 6 hour charge
maximum Weight 100 kg
Dimensiones 1470 mm x 610 mm x 160 mm
Battery 18650 mAh (weighs 2.5 kg)
Strength and motor 250 wattios
Peso 21,1 kg

¿How is the HIMO C20?

The HIMO C20 has an aluminum chassis whose welds have been enhanced for to avoid the wear and tear of time and provide water resistance. This electric bike has got all the certifications, including the european.

On the handlebar is an information screen that indicates how is the battery charging, what is the speed and how much distance has been traveled. Without a doubt, it shows everything you need to know to handle the bike.

manillar himo c20

Both the battery and the handlebars come with protection IPX5 for water resistance. In a nutshell, you’ll be able to handle it in the rain without worrying about what’s going to happen to any of its components. In addition, the handlebar is foldable and can be stored with great ease.

The gear change was made by the brand Shimano. If you didn’t know, this is a japanese company which is engaged, among other things, to the production of components for bikes from the year 1921.

cambio marchas shimano

The brakes of the HIMO C20 were strategically distributed to ensure an effective work. It also comes with an LED light front and rear that are active at the time of braking. That is to say, we are in front of a means of transport, quite safe.

how Much does it cost to HIMO C20?

precio himo c20

This bike has a price of 336 euros at the exchange in china in the store Youpin of Xiaomi. On the other hand, we invite you to see all of these electric alternatives to move around in your city at the best price.

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