Guide: How to use the miner Clash Royale + the best strategy

This guide you would have to have shown a long time ago, but as the saying goes, one day with another, and the house without a sweep. Today we want to tell you how to use the miner Clash Royale. This letter may seem easy to play, but it is not at all, because if you don’t follow a good strategy you will not going to work.

If you want to know more about the mining, we also recommend the following video of Álvaro, who is a past:

How to use the miner Clash Royale

The first thing that I recommend you to use the miner, is that depending on the arena in which you have highest level. That is to say, in the sand 9 or 10 a miner at level 1 is not going to work. You try to to have him at the 2 and the 3 is already ideal.

The following, is to have a deck in the socket. Here are some for you to see how to use the miner Clash Royale.

Good decks with mining of Clash Royale

One of the best decks is the following that has ice mage, mining, fire ball, tower, hell, download, minions, barrel of goblins and an army of skeleton. It is a good deck because it is very common use the minions + mining + barrel of goblins, it is a great combo.

This combo is one of the best that we find right now in the game. The other cards are basically to attack/defend this deck. But you’ll be able to play in such a way that you will only have to pulling the miner into the tower behind, and the minions ahead of you, is a combo that will luxury, and if you add the barrel of goblins, you’ll get crazy to your opponent.

take Advantage when your opponent is without the elixir and throws everything you can to the tower

There are many decks that are basically throw any letter in front, and the miner from behind. Often be relentless. take Advantage when your opponent has little elixir and not be able to stop it. It is one of the strategies that usually work out well. It is also important that you train a lot and choose a good deck. Take a look by TV Royale.

do you Already know now how to use the miner Clash Royale? ¡¡We hope that yes!!