Google Slides: how to use animated transitions

In Google Slides you can do many things with the slideshow, such as: fade, dissolve, slide, cube or turn. You can now give a creative and different touch to your presentations with transitions between slides. In addition, you can add visual effects to animate text, images and other objects in Google Slides.

Google has already put at your disposal Google Docs, Google Sheets and of course, Google Slides so you can do office work from its platform. In this way, here we will explain how to use transitions and animations in your slides.

Steps to put transitions in Google Slides presentations

The first thing you have to do is enter your browser. Then, you must go to Google Presentations, open a presentation or upload a PowerPoint presentation that you have already made.

Then, select a slide and in the menu bar, click on Slide and then on Change transition. Now, click Slide and then Change Transition to open the Transitions panel. Once you’re in the Transition panel, you must choose the type of transition and the speed of the transition.

You can preview a transition by clicking on the “Play” button after choosing it. Changes made are automatically saved. Now, if you want to apply the same transition to all slides, just click on the “Apply to all slides” button.

Also, you can create visual effects when you add animations to text, images and other objects from the Transitions menu. All you have to do is open the Change Transitions panel.

All from the menu bar or press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + B for Windows and Chrome OS operating systems. Press the CMD + OPTION + SHIFT + B keys on macOS; to add an animation to an object.

Similarly, click Slide and then Change Transition to open the Transitions panel. Now, you must click on the object you want to animate and then click on «Add animation».

All you have to do is echo the type of animation, the start condition and the speed at which the animation will occur. Also, check the box next to “By paragraph” to animate lists one line at a time.

Repeat the above steps to make various transitions and animations

Now, to add an animation to other objects, repeat the above steps again so you can do these tricks in Google Slides.

That is all you have to do about it. Any slide that has transitions or animations will show an icon that will look like three overlapping circles next to it. In the same way, slides that have a transition or animation will have a special icon next to the slide in the panel on the left side.

Remember that you can not only do it with Google Slides; Similarly, you can edit your slides if you have them made in Microsoft Powerpoint. You can now add animations and fun transitions. All this so that you can have different, lively and creative presentations.