Google Maps introduces new tricks for bus users

The Google Maps application has two new tricks up its sleeve, which should make travelers' lives easier. While it is useful for drivers and especially because Google can now get you away from natural disasters. Public transit users have not been forgotten.

And it is that in the great cities of the world, public transport and mass transport became the only optimal way to move large numbers of people from one point to another. Therefore, having applications and tools as is will greatly help traffic management worldwide.

Here you will find necessary information for you to find out how new Google brings you. As always, innovation is its flag, so you can improve the time of use of public transport, since you can do it when it is not very crowded.

This tool makes life easier for travelers

According to digital media publications, Google Maps can now predict how crowded your bus, train or subway will be. In addition, it will deliver real-time traffic delays for passengers who wish to board any mass use transport. This will allow them to better adjust and plan the trip.

First are the overcrowded predictions for buses, subways and trains. They will predict how likely it is that your choice of public transportation may be crowded. All based on historical data. Therefore, it allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not to get on board.

You will have information in real time

Second, Google will now keep you informed about delays in real-time bus traffic. Google will let you know if your bus is going to be late based on real-time traffic conditions along the route. This is intended to fill the gap left by bus companies that do not offer such information.

Google has also made a publication about traffic overcrowding trends worldwide. The data is based on reports from users who travel during peak travel hours. And for those who live in crowded cities, statistics make an interesting read.

And if that were not enough, these functions will be available in more than 200 cities around the world. With this, the main cities, as well as the most visited, will enjoy this pair of new features to make it possible for you to travel better on any public transport.

Google Maps is getting better

Google continues to improve the information available to users of this great tool and add new features regularly. Therefore, it is not surprising that Google Maps is the world's number one navigation application. And that applies whether you are walking, driving or taking the bus.

Google is not the only technology company that tries to make life easier for travelers. In June 2019, Spotify released Your Daily Drive, mixing your favorite songs with short format podcasts. And contrary to the name, you can still hear Your Daily Drive on the bus!