Google Doodles: Hide them on the Chrome New Tab page

First, Google Doodles mark important historical dates, people in history and current events, whether political, cultural or sports. Some doodles are static, while others are small quick animations. In some cases, for example, during the Football or Cricket World Cup or Olympic Games, doodles they become games that you can play.

Now, if you don't like doodles and instead of working you are playing with them, you can choose to hide them from the New Google Chrome tab. This so that you can maximize your performance at work, or if you simply are not interested in seeing the animations or images that doodle offers you.

Hide Google Doodles

To start, it is very easy to hide these doodles from the new Google Chrome tab page. The first thing you can do is disable it from a Google Flag. You have to open a new page and in the URL bar, you must enter the following:

chrome: // flags

On the Chrome flags page, you should search for "doodles" in the search bar. You will find an indicator called "Enable doodles in the local NTP" and it will be set to default. Now, you must open the drop-down menu next to this indicator and select the option ┬źDisabled┬╗.

Now, start Google Chrome again and open a new tab. The doodle will disappear from the main page and will be replaced by the characteristic Google logo.

Also, these Google doodles are only static or dynamic images. However, in some cases they may include a "by-line", so disabling the flag will disable and hide the doodle, but the by-line will still be present at the bottom of the "New tab" page.

There is very little to do to remove the doodles

In this sense, there doesn't seem to be a final way to disable it, but it's much less annoying than the doodle itself. On the one hand, you can play it and end up wasting time, as it will also be at the bottom and you can safely ignore it.

However, there are some applications in the Chrome Web Store that claim to be able to remove the doodle from the pages of this browser. But none seem to work properly. If you have to choose between installing an extension and disabling a flag, surely disabling the flag is much better.

Also, while extensions are great, they tend to slow down your web browser and also make your computer use more RAM.

In this sense, this is a specific Chrome application. If you go to the Google homepage or go to a Google search results page, that doodle will still appear on both pages.

So, if you're feeling too tempted, it's better to simply type searches in the Chrome URL bar, or use the field on the "New tab" page. Unfortunately, you can't escape the doodle on the search results page, but this one gets smaller and if it's on the side, it will surely become much less visible.