FITT 360: The collar of Samsung to record your life in 360 degrees

Samsung has introduced a new camera that aims to revolutionize the market and how does so, thus allowing you to record hands-free. Yes, that is the idea of Samsung to record with a 360-degree camera our life and the reality is that you should be as well. what is worth a 360-degree camera that we have to endure?

must say that for the moment, all this invention of Samsung, is not 100% functional and will not be sold in the short term but it seems that the new wearable of Samsung is increasingly close to reality but still we are missing some other thing to improve. The reality is that Samsung is doing really well and his way of joining the market of cameras of 360 degrees is good, because the market already has one of the best cameras for this type of recording.


is A collar that records our day-to-day?

The new camera from Samsung is a collar to which, for the time being, called FITT360 and it is true that the idea we like, because it’s designed to go in our neck recording everything that is around us.

A headband in the front would also be interesting but since then would be much more uncomfortable although the result, of course, would be much better. This collar would enable you to broadcast a live event, leave a bike or any of the things that we do habitually, without disturbing. It would be even useful to carry out our culinary arts on YouTube.

A collar that will record everything, a perfect choice for the realitys

To turn this collar might also be interesting to start relay realitys from the TV, at least from the day on which the videos in 360 degrees are very common. For the moment, unless you have a glasses-enabled it, watch a video in 360 degree with a normal screen can be uncomfortable because you miss a lot of things in the scene.

Until the time the section C-Labs of Samsung still does not have polished some details and expects that the FITT360 presented as a concept in the MWC, although not expected his departure to the market in the near future.

Still need to improve aspects such as the vision of the chin of the wearer and a few details, but the application Around Me already allows you to see everything that you record this product. This is the path to the virtual reality… In the sample video you see that it’s still missing but it is an important step.

Source | Samsung Korea News