Find out how to install new watchfaces in the Xiaomi Amazfit Beep the easy way

If you’ve done with any of the smartwatch Xiaomi you probably know that you can install numerous watchfaces. Have been hundreds of buyers that have been done with any of the Amazfit Beep that we were able to find a few days for just 51 euros and today I want to explain how to install more watchfaces.

In the review of the Amazfit Bip we explain this and more tricks but today we will make a tutorial on how to install many different watchfaces that the Amazfit Bip not brings series.

How to download watchfaces new to the Amazfit Beep?

If you have a Amazfit Beep Xiaomi you need to install the application Amazfit Bip & Cor WatchFaces, an application that will allow us to search and install all types of interfaces for our clock.

The application can fully install free from Google Play in addition to that you’ll be able to see the watchfaces available for the country, knowing the language in which they are.

  • Enters the application, and download the watchface that you like. Just click on it and then click on download in the window of the information on the watchface.
  • The application will give you the instructions and you will be redirected to My Fit.
  • Go to your profile and look for the option Amazfit Beep. Once you click on it you will only have to choose Adjustments of Appearance of the watch.
  • you’ll See all the skins official My Fit and you will need to look for one, the chinese temple (the same that you saw on the application once you have downloaded the watchface that you wanted to).
  • apply the watchface (synchronized with the clock) and you will have it.

If you want to install another watchface different you will only have to repeat the process and change it. The skin of the chinese temple is always going to be the same but will not install that, but the one you selected and downloaded in the application unrelated to My Fit.

Change the watchface is in the Bip is very easy

There are more methods to spend more watchfaces to Amazfit Bip as this one, but the last one that we have explained is the most simple and fast. You’ll be able to change the skin in only 1 minute, and choose among thousands available in multiple languages.