Find out how to get to Leon in Brawl Stars

After a little over a week out Brawl Stars, the internet is full of tutorials, guides and tricks to know how to level up and improve in the game. In Androidphoria we have always put the magnifying glass to this kind of apps, that’s why, today, I say how to get to Leon in Brawl Stars.

Leon is one of the best Brawlers in the game. However, to be of type legendary it is very difficult to find.

Unlock Leon in Brawl Stars for free

As you well know, the brawlers can be unlocked by opening boxes, and Leon is no exception. But to what type of boxes you find it easier? As the boxes that we can open for free are two:

  • Boxes Brawl
  • huge Crates: equivalent to 3 boxes Brawl

To open these boxes we’re going to need 2 types of chips that we get in the game daily:

  • Chips Normal: serve to open the boxes Brawl
  • Chips Star: used to open the boxes Giants

Now, to open a box Brawl you will need 100 tokens to normal and to open a Gigantic box you will need 10 tabs stellar. And here is where enters your patience and the sharing of Brawlers in the game.

The best way to unlock Leon is opening boxes Giant. To open many boxes Giants should get a lot of chips stellar, and for this you have to play events every day enables Brawl Stars. This is the only way to get chips star.

But quiet, you don’t need to win in the events to be able to get the tab stellar. Just be 2nd – “Duo Show Down” or 4th playing Alone and automatically at the end of the game you’ll have your tab.

At the end of the event, you’ll need to wait 24 hours for it to ever have the opportunity to opt for the tab stellar. So statistically if you win the 5 event daily you’ll be able to open a chest giant every two days.

One of the event that there is Survival. If you have questions about how you should play, click here to know all about this game mode.

¿What are the chances of finding a brawler legendary within the game?

The system of allocation of brawlers, tickets, coins inside the boxes is random and fair. Brawl Stars explains that it’s always going to equate to the brawlers legendary. What does this mean?

Because that the more you open boxes and less brawlers legendary you go, the chances of finding one are going to increase and vice versa.

Because even though you are going to laugh about the whole event or to cry, the possibility to find Leon in-a-box is 0.1920%. If less than 1%, so from Androidphoria we recommend accumulate boxes so that your chances increase.

If you want to risk and pay for it “faster”, we’ll leave you a video of Alvaro845, CEO and founder of Team Cheese, just to see that, sometimes, invest money in the game does not mean you get the best brawlers.

If you have any doubts, you can dejárnosla in the comments. In the meantime I leave you a tutorial on how to play Brawl Stars from your PC.

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