File Explorer: How to Remove Menu Items

The New Item menu in File Explorer in Windows 10 It allows you to create new files in the current folder. But you may never use some of the options. Here we show you how to remove unwanted entries from the list.

You can access the New item menu by clicking on the "New item" button option when you are in a File Explorer folder.

You can also access it by right clicking on an empty area of ​​a folder and then pointing to the "New" option in the context menu that appears below.

Some programs will add new types of files to this menu automatically, which can saturate the menu if you probably never use them. To delete an entry, you must enter the Windows Registry (regedit) and delete an entry.

Beware of Regedit!

Standard warning: Registry Editor is a powerful tool and its misuse can make your system unstable or even inoperable. This is a fairly simple trick, as long as you follow the instructions, you shouldn't have any problems.

That said, if you've never worked with him before, consider first informing yourself about how to use Registry Editor before starting. And definitely, make a backup copy of the Registry and your PC, before making changes.

Now, open the Registry Editor by pressing Start and typing "regedit". Press Enter to open Registry Editor and then allow it to make changes to your computer.

In the left sidebar of the Registry Editor there will be a top-level key called HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

All types of files are stored here. We will remove the file type «Contact» from the New item menu. Expand the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key by clicking the arrow next to it and then scroll down to find the file extension you want to remove from the New Item menu.

Access the subkey to remove an item from the file browser

Expand that key and you will see a subkey called "ShellNew."

When you are in the subkey, right click on it and click on "Delete" in the context menu.

A confirmation message will appear. If you are sure that you want to remove the file type from the New item menu, click "Yes."

And that's it. The type of file, in this case, the type of contact file, is no longer in the New Item menu.

If you deleted something incorrectly, you can add it again, although you must first create a template file. This is usually as simple as creating a blank file and using it, but you must be clear about the steps to do this operation on your PC.

Follow these steps and everything will be fine

As we have warned you before, although these steps are easy, you should have full knowledge of how to do them. To avoid irreparable damage to your operating system, if you are not sure, inform yourself first and do nothing.

And finally, you just have to understand and do these steps that we gave you. Surely on another occasion you will do it faster and you will do it by heart.