Essential security software for your PC that is not …

An antivirus is one of the main tools for the security of your PC, but it is not the only one. If you want to keep your computer safe from the most recent cyber threats, we will recommend some of the essential programs that you can use so that you have the best protection guarantees, from the use of a VPN to the password managers, through several private browsers and different examples of encryption software. Are you ready? We start


A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to connect to the internet through it to keep your communications encrypted and secure at all times. Using a VPN allows you to connect securely even in open and vulnerable networks such as those of a library or an airport, because the encryption of your data makes them illegible for any other device that can try to intercept them. A VPN will also allow you to circumvent the geographical barriers of each country and access content only available in Europe, the US or Canada. In addition, the best VPN offer a free trial With which you can check its advantages for free.

Private browsers

If you are concerned about your privacy when browsing the web, an essential installation that you must perform on your PC is a private browser. Private browsers protect you from harmful cookies, do not store your history and, in some cases, even hide your IP to the websites and servers with which you connect. Let's see some of them.

Tor Browser

The quintessential private browser is Tor, and it is on its own merits. It is based on Firefox and designed to guarantee your security in an extreme way. It has its own encryption system and its own private network, and it has integrated HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript security options to absolutely ensure the protection of your equipment. Its negative side is its logical slowness, somewhat greater than that of other browsers, and its incompatibility with certain kinds of content.

Epic Browser

Unlike Tor, Epic Browser It is based on Chromium and is more oriented to maintain your privacy online, which focuses on blocking cookies and protecting your IP. At the same time it also has an integrated ad blocking system, so you will not see invasive advertising when you use it when browsing.

Comodo Dragon

Another option is Comodo Dragon, also based on Chromium and faster than the previous two browsers. Precisely its speed is one of its main features, although it also has other advantages such as a domain validation technology that differentiates between SSL certificates of greater and lesser category. Finally, like Tor and Epic Browser, Comodo Dragon also blocks harmful cookies and tracking systems.

Encryption software

When it comes to storing sensitive information on our hard drive, one of the key elements is encryption. You have different alternatives when it comes to encrypting your files so that only you can access them.


If you only need to protect a handful of files, 7Zip can help you get out of the way. In addition to being a very efficient free compressor – its compression algorithm is superior to WinRAR – 7Zip also allows you to encrypt files and folders using the AES-256 algorithm.


If you need more compression, you can use disk drive encryption tools such as DiskCryptor. DiskCryptor will encrypt the entire disk drive of your device and will only allow people authorized by you to access those files. In addition to the AES-256 encryption system, it also has other first-line algorithms such as Twofish and Serpent.

Dekart Private Disk

Established as an alternative to DiskCryptor, Dekart Private Disk presents approximately the same functions that DiskCryptor offers, but it does so by offering a simpler interface and shorter loading times. It works only with the AES-256 algorithm, but its efficiency and safety are more than proven.

Password Managers

As we create more and more accounts on different platforms, websites and email managers, we run the risk of forgetting them and we may have a tendency to use a unique password for everything. This is a serious mistake, because a leak or a security problem on a single platform would give access to all of them to a malicious person. Think about it. Your email, your Amazon accounts, your bank account or your access to the virtual campus would be compromised at the same time. To solve this, you have the password managers, who will allow you to use different complex passwords on each of these platforms. Some of the best rated are Keeper Password Manager, Dashlane or BitWarden Premium, although you also have alternatives such as LastPass or Password Boss.