Elephone S7 and A9: you can already reserve one of these two incredible terminals

Clon Galaxy S7 Elephoneis Not a novelty that the chinese market of smartphones aim high, and in recent times we have experienced with our own eyes and phone in hand as many of them are tightening the nuts of the leading manufacturers of smartphones worldwide, offering an incredible quality/price ratio that, any user as we averagely understand they will take him without a doubt.

One of them that are overcome each terminal released is Elephone, a firm that has a lot of potential and they show it with their two new bets, the Elephone S7 and R9. If we start with the most interesting, the S7, we see it as boasts of a surprising curved screen on both sides without any kind of bezel, something that gives it a total immersion both for lovers of the scope of multimedia.

Is fully coated glass, which contains 15 layers to give a visual effect very attractive, in addition to their four colors starting from the blue, the green, the usual gold and a black very elegant. On the other hand, the Elephone R9 does not contain a front so attractive, but still boasts a panel with only 0.6 millimetres in diameter bezels, which together with a panel of quality will delight any lover of the media, without envy to any other.

In terms of the hardware, of course, are not left behind, as it will arrive with some configurations of a processor Helium X20 ten nuclei, with 4 and 64 GB of RAM and internal storage, panel, Full HD, camera 13 and 5 megapixels, along with the fingerprint reader front that we like.

In terms of the price, these terminals open the process of booking a tempting price of 139,99 dollars and will be available until the next day, October 20. In addition, buyers will receive a virtual reality goggles totally free and will be of course at the same instant that they reach the terminal. Remember, if you are interested, you can take a look or directly book it on the website of Elephone.