ElectronPlayer: How to make Netflix playback easier

For Linux users, access Netflix Requires installing Google Chrome. Unfortunately, Google does not facilitate the installation of your browser on Linux for new users. In addition, the open source alternative offered by many Linux operating systems is not compatible with proprietary video services such as Netflix. And that's where ElectronPlayer comes into the game.

This is why playing Netflix on Linux can be more than irritating. And there is a better way to get access to Netflix on Linux distributions through an application called ElectronPlayer. In turn, it uses the Electron framework to provide the user with an easy-to-use Netflix player. In this guide we will show you how to make it work in your operating system.

Similarly, to stream Netflix on Linux with this application, you must have a paid subscription to the Netflix service. To set up an account, go to the homepage of your preferred web browser.

Install ElectronPlayer

You can install ElectronPlayer on Linux through Arch Linux AUR, a Snap package and an AppImage. To make the application work in your particular configuration, open a terminal window by pressing: CTRL + ALT + T or; CTRL + SHIFT + T. on the keyboard and follow the instructions on the command line that we give you below.

Arch Linux AUR

For the application to work through AUR, start by installing the Base-devel and Git packages. These packages are recommended to build things through Arch Linux AUR.

sudo pacman -S base-devel git

Also, with the Git and Base-devel packages installed, it is time to put the Trizen AUR auxiliary application into operation. The reason you need this application is that it makes building and installing many dependencies much faster. So, to install Trizen, download through git clone and then use makepkg to compile the source code.

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/trizen.git

cd trizen

makepkg -sri

With the Trizen AUR auxiliary application configured, use it to install ElectronPlayer on your system.

trizen -S electronplayer


If you are not an Arch Linux user, but you have Snap runtime working on your computer, you can access ElectronPlayer through a Snap package.

ElectronPlayer installation from the Snap store is done quickly with the quick install command. Using the command line operation below, you can get the latest version of ElectronPlayer.

sudo snap install electronplayer


Similarly, there is a downloadable file available for those who wish to access the application but do not use Snap. For it to work, you won't need to install any dependencies or anything like that. Instead, go to your terminal window and use the wget command to download the latest version.

wget https://github.com/oscartbeaumont/ElectronPlayer/releases/download/v2.0.4/electronplayer.2.0.4.AppImage

With the AppImage download, create an “AppImage” folder in your home directory, place the ElectronPlayer AppImage inside and update the permissions.

mkdir -p ~ / AppImages

mv electronplayer. *. AppImage ~ / AppImages

chmod + x mv electronplayer. *. AppImage

Once everything has been solved, open the AppImage by double clicking on it, in the “AppImage” folder using your Linux file manager or with the command that we will show you below.


Watch Netflix with ElectronPlayer

To access Netflix in this application, start by opening the application. To run it, see the "Multimedia" section of your desktop applications menu. If you can't find it, press ALT + F2 and type the command below and press Enter to open.


Likewise, as soon as the ElectronPlayer application opens on the Linux desktop, you will see a pop-up screen. This screen will indicate that “Choose a transmission service”. Locate the Netflix logo and click with the mouse to run the application in Netflix streaming mode.

Now, once ElectronPlayer is in Netflix streaming mode, it will load the Netflix homepage and display a login window. With this window, complete your Netflix login credentials. Then, click on the "login" button to load the service.

In the same way, and assuming you can get access to your Netflix account, select your user in the interface and then choose something to watch. Also, to exit Netflix, close the window, or return to the menu with CTRL + H.

Access other services with ElectronPlayer

This application is mainly used by Linux users to access Netflix with ease. Thus, it is also compatible with other streaming services, such as YouTube, Twitch and Floatplane.


To access YouTube in the ElectronPlayer application, press CTRL + H to display the application's main menu. After that, select the «YouTube» icon. This way you can browse and experience YouTube in the application.


If you want to see your favorite game streamers on the desktop, then open ElectronPlayer and access the menu with CTRL + H. From there, click on the Twitch logo and you'll be seeing your favorite players in seconds.


With ElectronPlayer, you can see your favorite Floatplane creators by pressing CTRL + H and then clicking on the FP logo in the application.