Dungeon Hunter 5, Order & Chaos Online or Eternity Warriors 3, what is better?

Order & Chaos Online

Fortunately, we have more and better Android games to enjoy anywhere and anytime thanks to our tablet or our smartphone . Games of all kinds of genres like action or role, you are able to offer hours of entertainment, and many of them free. This is the case of our three protagonists today: Dungeon Hunter 5, Order & Chaos Online and Eternity Warriors 3 [1.99901 million], titles than any Android user who likes to play should stop test


Son of those games that we can engage with ease , and do not allow us to spend a minute boring. Worlds huge, hundreds of enemies and missions, the ability to meet and play with people around the world in real time, excellent graphics are some of its benefits, but now it’s time to know them a little further. Here we go!

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5, one of the latest games from Gameloft [1.99901 million] is on this list too obvious merits, as we have in the analysis of our fellow Xombit Games. This is a game that can be classified within known as hack’n’slash , or in a way we can say that is an action RPG or ARPG ( Action role-playing game ), and that is a title that as we progress in the story mode, beating our enemies go leveling up and getting improvements to make our character louder and louder.

The same character can take it to Multiplayer , which deal with millions of players through Internet and show who’s boss.

Dungeon-Hunter-5-Android And all this with technician is the best we can find on Android , and of course, free paragraph. To download Dungeon Hunter 5, you can follow the link, or do it through the QR code you see along these lines.

Dungeon Hunter 5 DOWNLOAD FREE

Order & Chaos Online

Order & Chaos Online is the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role play online) for excellence in mobile devices [1.99901 million]. As we have seen, we can say that is a good World of Warcraft mobile, and that the similarities are quite clear. In this game, we will have at our disposal an open world that we can explore at will, but be careful, because it will be full of enemies, but also we can find many players playing at the same time with those who can make good friends (or not ) .

Its enormity is such that we have more than 15,000 different skills, and more than 8,000 parts for our equipment, thereby will be practically impossible to see two exactly the same players [1.99901 million]. If we add all this to the five different races among which you can choose from the start of the game, the possibilities multiply even more.

QR Order and Chaos The fact that it is so popular among users, makes whenever we connect we find many people playing , and of course we interact with them-whether for better or bad. Undoubtedly, it is an adventure worth living, and since Andro4all we recommend.


Eternity Warriors 3

Finally, we have to Eternity Warriors 3, another ARPG that while does not enjoy such popularity as Dungeon Hunter 5 or Order & Chaos Online [1.99901 million], is also a good free title worth trying. Three different heroes to play with, each with four unique skills, and four kingdoms to travel and to deal with the multitude of fearsome demons. All with good graphics (although perhaps not at the level of the above), and a good combat system.

With respect to Multiplayer , we can compete in tournaments against other players, form clans and chat in real time.

Eternity Warriors 3 DOWNLOAD FREE


In my opinion, any of the three games we will have a great time, but personally I prefer Order & Chaos Online . There are many things to do in this game and the freedom it offers, and all surrounded by a visual aspect quite accomplished. Besides, it’s fun to meet people from all over the world, and make friends with them or deal in tough battles.

And you do you think? Head over to Dungeon Hunter 5, Order & Chaos Online or Eternity Warriors 3, what is better? to leave your mark.

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