Download the new version of Google Docs with full screen reading

Google Docs

One of the best virtues that have an Android device, is its wide range of applications to edit documents. The Microsoft Office package is one of the best options available, the other is the pack from Google, which brings every Wednesday an update underarm .

The three editing applications Google files, documents, spreadsheets and presentations, they come with a new feature that many users we asking for quite a while, you can read the texts fullscreen , taking advantage of all sizes increasingly larger Android devices.

When we make a simple click on the document screen we want to see, it will be full screen, making all other bars and icons disappear . As you can see, far from the update which brings more news, if that is quite interesting and makes the package of Google becomes a set of still more interesting than it already was applications.

Google Docs pantalla completa

As always with Google applications, updates appear staggered users, so we may need to wait a while to receive them. Luckily, we bring from Android Police all APKs so you can enjoy now of these three great applications , which in my case, and I tell you from experience, have completely replaced the tools of Microsoft.

Download | Documents Google
Download | Spreadsheets
Download | Presentations

And you do you think? Head over to download the new version of Google Docs with reading fullscreen to leave your mark.

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  • Download the new version of Google Docs with full screen reading
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