Download Sony Camera 2.0 APK with many new features

it Is undeniable that we have a lot of apps for camera available for Android. But today I bring you something that you will like, because it is possible to download Sony Camera 2.0 APK. This app is the app of the Sony camera that by default comes installed on the Sony Xperia, and that is very good, and that now you will be able to enjoy in your mobile phone if you meet the requirements.

We are aware of this, thanks to the guys of Mobipicker, because we have a new version of the camera from Sony to install in our devices, and free to grab from APK Mirror.

Descargar Sony Camera 2.0 APK

Download Sony Camera 2.0 APK for your mobile phone

do you Want to enjoy the latest apps cameras? Since then, the Sony Camera is spectacular, and the favorite of many. Now you can download Sony Camera 2.0 APK from APK Mirror, some guys you trust to always bring us the latest APK and very fast.

What is certain is that this app is very simple and account with many features to do truly good things with our photos. I recommend that you try out, the end is free, and you won’t lose anything except for a couple of minutes of your time. But because you advancement that you will like and surprise, and you’ll want to quedártela. It is also a good version.

Sony Camera 2.0 APK in addition it occupies very little space, little more than 8 MP. And is compatible with devices on Android 5.0 or higher, so that only you will need to have Lollipop to enjoy this app. This update in addition, is complete and the Interface is minimalistic and we like it a lot. The new features will surprise you and you will get to capture amazing moments, in addition to changing so much faster and choose between manual, auto, video… or other better ways. You can do whatever you want!

Without further ado, I leave you the link below for you to enjoy the new Sony Camera, now the version 2.0 which can now be yours for APK.

do You have downloaded? What do you think? I have already tested on my Nexus 6P and goes on like silk, even on Android N.

Download | Sony Camera 2.0 APK on APK Mirror