Download Game of Monster: Legendary for Android [APK]


Download Game of Monster: Legendary for Android APK is already possible from the Play Store, because it already appears so that you can download. Yes, it shows some warnings such as that is Unreleased and in addition, “this application has not been published officially, and it may not be stable”, as well as “this application is compatible with some of your devices“. I have already been able to install it without problems on the Nexus 6S with Nougat.

the requirements here are minimal, Android 2.3 or higher. Game of Monster Legendary is free but with shopping integrated in the app, something to which we are now accustomed. We show you what’s going on in the game, for if you want to hit a download:


Game of Monster: Legendary for Android

Is the time to welcome you to the mysterious land of the monster. You’ll have to be the warrior to defeat the dark forces and rescue the monsters adorable. More than 1,000 monsters included in Pokeland legends. This is the main thing of the game:

  • Game of CAG.
  • Pictures in 3D.
  • More than 1,000 monsters.
  • Build your unique team.
  • Missions every day, safari, world boss, etc
  • Combinations of skills and evolution.
  • test yourself in PVP.
  • Increases the power of your team with badges, gear, and titles.
  • Follow strategies.
  • Join millions of other players to be stronger.

you Can also take now your adventure full of monsters, and live your own legendary story. This is what lies ahead Game of monster, a game of monsters.

If you want to try it, do it that is free and you can download it with guarantees from the Play Store.

Download Game of Monster: Legendary for Android APK

think No more and go ahead to download Game of Monster: Legendary for Android APK, I think that you will like this game animations and monsters everywhere. In addition, it is free, so you have no excuse not to try it. A world of magic and entertainment is waiting for you.

We recommend that you download from the Play Store:

WP-Appbox: Game of Monster : Legendary (Unreleased) (Free*, Google Play) →

Download | Game of Monster Legendary [APK]

have You tried the game? What do you think?

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