Download drivers USB and ADB for Xiaomi Mi5

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If you need the drivers USB and ADB for Xiaomi Mi5, in this article we will tell you from where to you can download. You already know that these drivers are needed to recognize your terminal, and you can make any process of rooting, flashing… on your Xiaomi.

The kit is complete to be found in PdaNet for download. Seems to be a rare page, because it is not official, and it is a third-party program that includes this driver, so you’ll need to install it on your PC. If you enter from the above link, you will see that what you can download in both Windows and Mac.

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Drivers USB and ADB for Xiaomi Mi5

To make the installation successful, the Xiaomi Mi5 should not be connected to a PC by cable from the first moment, that will be done later when required. Otherwise, we will have to follow the steps normally, but as we told you below, with a lot of care.

If you appear in the window of Drive encountered the following message “An existing Android USB driver is found on your computer. You can reinstall it if it has problems. Please select Yes or No to Keep the driver” make – click if. Later, in another window you’ll have to choose your mobile phone, select Others. Install the software in all forms, even though we leave security warnings (it is normal).

When you get to the installation window of the USB drivers don’t touch anything, just wait. Then, yes you will have to connect the phone and wait. To finish the process, you’ll have to to activate the USB debugging and verify the thumbprint.

you Can check if all has gone well with the command adb interfaces. I tell you, you must complete the process with success to get all the kit of the Xiaomi Mi5 installed in the PC.

do You has been of some help the tutorial? I hope that you get to install all the drivers.

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