Download Clash Royale 1.2.0 APK for Android with many changes

The biggest update in Clash Royale to date is now available for Android. If you want to have the latest version of Clash Royale for Android us we tell you how to install it. Download Clash Royale 1.2.0 APK for Android is simple but for this you will need to follow the instructions that we leave at the end of the article. If you’ve used our method to install Clash Royale from Google Play you can update directly from the store of applications from Google, but if not done you will have to turn to what you mentioned at the end.

first of all we would like to tell that in this update of the February 29 Clash Royale you have included a lot of changes needed in the game that have also been introduced in the update of Clash Royale for iOS. Among the changes, go to advanced, it is not to mention the new pull down, new languages, new letters and even a new arena, then we talk about all of them in more depth.

Clash Royale 1.2.0

Update 1.2.0 of Clash Royale: All changes

version 1.2.0 of Clash Royale is available both for Android as for iOS and in the time that you start the game the game will ask you to update and send you to the Google Play Store but as many will not be able to do it I mentioned the changes and how to upgrade.

Clash Royale 1.2.0 brings important new developments and between them is the location of 14 new languages, among which we find the Spanish. Besides that we have new cards, a new arena and even an option that allows us to have 3 pull down for each occasion. We will be able to create 3 decks different and switch between them at the flick of a button. The 3 decks of war allow us to create 3 new decks different.

New cards in the Clash Royale 1.2.0

Up to now the updates of Clash Royale had been limited to polishing errors and add some changes of balance in the game but this update is the first update of the game 2 months after its “launch is not official” because we can not forget that Clash Royale will hit the market in march. These items of 3 minutes are the most played currently, and despite not having been officially released as there are millions of people that play this game and have it in Spanish will allow us to better understand the game and all the ins and outs of each letter although up to now, with the English, it is not that I had too many problems.

In the video of this famous YouTuber you can see the changes although we also have not tested in person, it’s just for if you want to see what it looks like the new update. Now with this update there are six new cards:

  • giant royal is the new common card.
  • have been added to the three musketeers among the rare cards.
  • added dark prince and the poison in the cards epic.
  • Now there is a new type of card, the card legendary.

The new arena and the new chests

have Not only added some new cards but there is a new arena and new chests.

  • Sand Workshop builder, now this arena is unlocked in the 1700 trophies and has moved the sand Royal to 2000 trophies.
  • have been added to two flasks new, the box giant and the chest super magical.

More changes in the update 1.2.0 of Clash Royale

Although the update itself is already quite complete, have been added to even more changes as one that allows our opponents reach up to 3500 trophies in the field of training.

have Also added 14 new languages, now Clash Royale already is in Spanish and also in French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, traditional chinese, simplified chinese, japanese, Korean, and Arabic.

Changes of balance in the Clash Royale

In terms of common changes are changes in the balance of letters, the new controls of repetition, the area damage now that the troops and buildings will not stop in his attack if his target dies during the animation.

has Now been added to the letter legendary which will put new cards are still better, you can that payment or of a difficulty very high. If you want to enjoy the new update, then we’ll leave you the download link to the APK.

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