Do you want to play MU Online in your Android or iOS? Choose any of these servers!

If you’re one of those who spend hours to pervert the MMORPG in the computer, then sure, you’ve played MU Online in some point of your life. If you didn’t know, this is an online role-playing game whose objective is to achieve the highest possible level with a character created and shaped by the player. Below I will show you two versions of MU Online for Android with which you’ll be able to spend a good time in front of the screen of the mobile.

even Though the PC game was released in the year 2013, still continues to a large community of active users. If you want to remember the good times from your Android device, today I will introduce two versions of MU Online to fan the flame of vice.

MU Online for Android

MU Origin

MU Origin is the official server for Android created by Webzen, the same company that made the PC game. Here you can immerse yourself in an epic journey, fantastic real-time from the comfort of your mobile phone. Meet new friends, create groups, and make a great team to fight evil.

MU Raze

as in PC, in the mobile universe, there are UM servers that are alternative to the official. In these is usually much easier to level up, make progress and achieve objects. MU Raze, for example, is a server made by and for Spanish-speaking people. If you wanted your experience to be closest to you, then you can start by downloading this MU Online on your Android.

As not found in Google Play Store, we will provide you with the links to download both for Android as for iOS.

MU Raze (Client iOS)

MU Raze (APK for Android)

If you are going to install Mu on Di you can do it quietly from the virtual store, but if you’re going to install MU Raze you must enable the permission for apps that come from unknown sources.

Either way, both have what is necessary to make you live an epic experience on your smart device. Ideal for playing with those friends who are also vicious of the MMORPG.