Do you not have all of the legendary Clash Royale? These are your alternatives

Clash Royale is a game that keeps you hooked millions of users around the world. One of the main objectives of Clash Royale is to get the maximum number of legendary cards possible. However, these are not too easy to get. Below are a few ideas to replace the legendary cards.

The best cards to replace the legendary Clash Royale

Mage power

The attack of the Magician’s Power can leave you out of the game the enemy troops. When deployed, stunning the troops of the opponent and makes a great area damage.

There are several cards in the Clash Royale, with which you can replace the Magician to Electric: Mosqueteras, Baby Dragon, and Magician.

Ice Mage

mago de hielo clash royale

The attack of the Ice Mage slows down the movement of enemy troops, reducing their speed by 35%. Has a defensive role very important in the battles of Clash Royale.

Now, if you have not been lucky enough to get the Ice Mage there are several cards that you can replace: Arqueras, Tornado and a Barrel of Goblins. You can also use the Golem of Ice, which is very effective to slow down nearby enemies.


princesa clash royale

The Princess is one of the legendary cards are more powerful; you can attack the enemy tower without even crossing the bridge. It is a letter of support very important.

To replace it, you can use the Barrel of Goblins, the Arqueras, the Mosquetera or the Baby Dragon. To cause damage, splash, and also you are worth the Tornado or the Arrows.


The Trunk crushes whatever is in its path. By launching it from your tower, and destroys everything that is on the way to the enemy tower; it ends with troops weak as the Skeletons and cause some damage to troops more strong as the Barbarians.

The letters with which you can replace the Trunk are: Zap, Spirits of Fire and Arrows.

lenador y tronco


The Woodcutter is a letter very fast, both in movement and in attack speed. Used as troop support, although sometimes it can also defend very well alone.

What are the cards that have met this same paper?: Montapuercos and Barbarians.


minero clash royale

The Miner is able to dig a tunnel to appear in any place of the sand thanks to its scoop. If used right, this card can do a lot of damage to the enemy tower.

If you don’t have the Miner between the cards available, you can replace it with the Gentleman with the Golem of Ice.


chispitas clash royale

Chispitas is the letter the legendary cause a damage of huge area; if it reaches the enemy tower without being destroyed, in a couple of hits falls. It is used in aggressive decks.

there is no other letter that causes as much damage as Sprinkles, but the Balloon is quite similar.

Hound lava

sabueso lava

The Hound of Lava is a beast flying that is attacking in a manner lethal to the structures. In addition, once it is defeated, is divided into six Puppies of Lava that can cause a lot of damage to the enemy tower.

As tank, can be replaced by any of the following cards: Golem or Baby Dragon.

Dragon infernal

This letter legendary shoots a ray of fire concentrated that deals increasingly more damage, so much on troops as on structures. It is one of the best offensive letters.

Your best substitute is the Tower Hell.



Bandida has the capability of launching targets nearby, causing great damage. One of its great advantages is that it is totally immune to the damage.

To replace it, the best cards are: Knight, a Barrel of Goblins and Arqueras.



The Cemetery can be placed in any place of the Arena, invoking a large number of skeletons. Along with a troop strong, can knock down the enemy tower in seconds.

The Cemetery is not replaceable. But if you want a lot of Skeletons, you can use the Army of Skeletons.

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