Do you have the LG G3 FM radio?

lg g3 radio fm

The LG G3 is a big terminal that’s great, but many users have asked if it has FM radio. It is clear that there are few mobile phones that are equipped with a radio, but luckily, the LG G3 yes with FM radio. We are faced with a terminal very cool, especially for users who are looking for a mobile with a radio, and in this article we will tell how to use FM radio:

LG G3 has FM radio, how do I use it?

lg g3 radio fm

To the doubt if the LG G3 is a mobile phone with a radio, you say that effectively radio FM. This is a great news for users who love to have a radio in the mobile to listen to it on the bus, on the street… in short, to carry your favorite programs with him always. But how does the FM radio on LG G3?

  • For the fm radio works fine in the LG G3, you will need to connect headphones.
  • How do I access the radio? Through Menu > FM Radio. To turn it on or turn it off, so you’ll just have to click on it. After that, you can move around the stations like a fish, choosing the one you like the most in each moment.
  • You’ll be able to save the channels by choosing the symbol +.
  • You’ll be able to change the speaker mode > Listening by loudspeaker. And back to the headset mode > Listen through headset.
  • LG G3 also integrates a music player, to play music files.
  • FM Radio with RDS.

If we do these steps, you can use the FM radio on LG G3. It’s great, because it is a mobile top-range high-to-medium that will allow us to listen to the radio and beyond where we go. And remember, if you don’t want to listen to music through headphones, you will only have to take the hand of the speaker.

What do you think of LG G3 have FM radio? What convinces you, or have you had any problems using it? Take advantage of the comments to on these days.

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