Do all Instagram photos look the same?

If you're an Instagram fan of insurance you've already noticed and the news has spread like wildfire. Not a few people have noticed that many images of certain artists on Instagram lights, practically, the same. It's all a fact and has become a viral event. It seems that the social network is leaving people without imagination or, at least, is ending it.

A new Instagram phenomenon: many similar photos

You will not notice it following 2 or 3 important artists, you must follow a good amount so that you can notice the similarity that exists in each one of them.

All this is due to an app which is called Insta Repeat. What the application does is look for the same images and compare them with each other. Logically, the results have been surprising and there is much similarity. In many cases, it seems like a repetition of the same image but changing the angle or color a little, nothing more.

The most complicated thing is that these "artists" or pages, simply, tracing images, get many users. We are talking about an approximate amount of 300 thousand users, nothing more and nothing less.

The creation of Insta Repeat is anonymous but, despite this, has left his opinion very clear. He wants to question the "originality" that circulates in social networks, in this case, Instagram.

Alaska as an example source of repeated photos

This hostile area of ​​the planet earth was the protagonist. And is that many adventurers and photographers went to that part to simply take the same picture that someone else had already done.

In the images everything is the same, the scenery is repeated, the colors, the motive of the photo, etc. In addition to plagiarism, it is also clearly stated that many professional artists and photographers are victims of patterns and the massification of art. Which, to some extent, seems to be something done almost industrially.