Disable the new Twitter interface and return to the …

When the websites those who have become accustomed for a long time suddenly change design. It often becomes confusing. Therefore, you have to relearn how to use it, which is a rather difficult task. The new Twitter interface is unfortunately making changes, which will annoy many users.

Update note: it seems that Twitter began to eliminate the options that we show you in this article. You can still try them, so you should continue reading about these lines. Since this guide offers you 100% effective methods.

How to disable the new Twitter interface

Also, in recent months, the microblogging service has been testing a new interface. In other words "redesigning", as some may call it as well. In fact, some accounts already have the new interface loaded, like others that don't. And this is being announced by several users. Some load the new interface when they log in, as others do not.

Therefore, this suggests that Twitter is preparing to implement the new interface on a larger scale. So at first glance, it is not a functionally improved interface that justifies its redesign. Rather it seems a reorganization of the things on the screen meaningless.

And this is enough just to look at the design. The entire left side is full of large buttons. Also, on the right, there is a large section of trends, in which there is a gear. And this gear is not for the configuration of your profile. It is for setting trends.

Now, the settings are hidden under the "More" section on the left. The Tweet button, which used to be in the upper right, is now in the lower left of the sidebar. It seemed a thing made by a "genius," the truth.

Also, one could argue that these options are available even when you scroll down at the source. It's fine, but they also used to be visible in the previous design, which, in the opinion of many, was much more accessible.

Disabling the new Twitter interface

As a first step, you must log in to Twitter on your desktop browser.

Click on the "More" option in the left sidebar.

Now, select the option that says "Switch to old Twitter".

Similarly, the page should be reloaded, and we hope you will recover the previous design again. In fact, this trick is good on desktop computers, and it works well.

If this option does not work

However, some Twitter users have stated on Reddit that they do not have this option at all. Also, if you are going through the same thing, try going to the following address in your browser: https://twitter.com/i/optout. Thus, you should force the website to load the old design.

Likewise, it is not known how long these options will be available to return to the previous design. But for now, they should work, until the new design is fully implemented.

Old Twitter interface vs new interface

Similarly, the new Twitter interface looks and feels mobile, at least, for some. Maybe they want it to look similar on all devices, but it doesn't look good on computers. It's almost as bad as the Reddit design that expands and looks weird.

Thus, visiting a list page used to have all the other lists on the left side, easily accessible. Now they are gone. Therefore, you must click on “Lists” that are loaded as a timeline and then you must use them. Also, the saying says that what is broken, do not fix it. So we wonder if Twitter has ever heard of that.