Create WIFI networks in mesh with Anyfi

Virtually all of us have a router at home that takes the WIFI connection to all corners of the home. However, if the router is not sufficient, it may be the case that in certain spaces has connection problems. There is where come into play the mesh networks, which come in handy to to expand the wireless network, also through the mobile phones.

What is wireless mesh?

The idea of the WIFI mesh is very simple: do not depend only and exclusively of a connection point, in this case the router. With a WIFI and normal current of all devices connected to that network, depend on the connection of the router.

well, the WIFI mesh allows devices to connect to each other. That is to say, connect mobile devices to the WIFI network as usual, but we add the possibility of contact between them.


Anyfi is an application that I strongly recommend because it works very well in the face to extend the WIFI networks. The idea is that the phones are able to connect between them to get access to WI-fi networks that are outside of its scope.

Let’s imagine for example that a WIFI network comes very well to two mobile phones. But there are four others who are too far away from the router and do not have very good connection. Well, with the WIFI mesh creates a network between the six devices so that everyone can enjoy a good connection to the network.

Anyfi is an app completely free that we download in our phone, Android tablet.

Anyfi – Free P2P WiFi (Free, Google Play) →

Although in itself a fantastic idea, there are some users that pose two questions. On the one hand, the battery consumption; one must take into account which devices communicate between them, so that the battery consumption must be considerable. And, on the other hand, the data security; our phones can connect to the WIFI mesh with other devices of people who are around us, but we do not know of anything.