Coffee: 5 applications for lovers of this drink

How do you make the perfect cup of coffee at home? How much coffee should you drink and at what time? For every question a coffee lover has, there is an application or a website to answer it here.

Coffee is a necessary starter for millions of people in the world, either at the beginning of the morning or before any important task. And for others, it is a passion and a hobby. No matter what category you are in, you should check these applications and blogs.

1.- BrewTime (Android, iOS): prepare a perfect cup of coffee

BrewTime is a complementary application that guarantees that it will help you prepare a perfect cup of coffee. It works with several popular brewing techniques, also uses instructions and guidelines from coffee expert Scott Rao.

Let's say you want to make a French coffee. Start BrewTime and go to the FrenchPress section. A brief screen informs you about the method and for what types of coffees it is recommended. Then, start FrenchPress for step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup.

All steps are listed and a timer counts down with each step as you follow the instructions. Once you're done, you can take a picture of your hot cup and post it on Instagram. And you can keep track of all your coffee consumption with the function called Timeline.

Currently, the application is compatible with V60, Aeropress, French press, Che max, Moka, Vacuum pot and intelligent beverage preparation methods. More will be added as the application is updated. So it is one of the best applications of this type for homes and offices.

2.- Omnicalculator’s Coffee Kick (Web): How much caffeine do you need?

You will not want to hear this, but yes. There is something wrong with drinking too much coffee. More than that, if you depend on caffeine to keep you alert and ready for a task, you need to have coffee at the right time. Omnicalculator has a smart tool to tell you when you should drink a cup and how much you should drink.

Coffee Kick asks how long you have slept, what time you have woken up and how many coffee drinks you have had during the day. You must enter the type of coffee, how many cups and the time you drank it. Based on that, Coffee Kick will record the times of the day when you will be on high alert.

It may sound a little crazy to you, but in reality, many people say they work when they try. For the sake of a terrible science that should not fool the brain, it has even been recorded separately when you drink coffee and when you feel more alert.

And this data was compared with the application. The results were almost exact. We assume that the more you use the application and understand your estimates and requirements, the more accurate it will be.

3.- Home Grounds (Web): make this professional level drink at home

Home Grounds is the guide any fan needs. It has simple instructions on preparation techniques, coffee beans, the best equipment and recipes for anyone who wants to level up in the preparation of this drink at home.

Your beginner's guide to Pour Over coffee is often cited as the best introductory resource for anyone who wants to learn the technique. Similarly, the coffee bean guide serves as an excellent starting point for anyone who cares about the quality of their drink.

In addition, the Gear guides are updated for the current year, whether machines, grinders or anything else.

The writing is crisp and the instructions are simple enough for anyone. Home Grounds offers practical advice for people without special equipment, on how to get the perfect water temperature without a thermometer, for example.

4.- Barista Institute’s Recipes (Web): expert recipes and assorted coffee

Would you like to know how to make a cold coffee with lemonade? A coffee with Christmas milk? A freakshake? Or maybe you want to make the perfect cup of cappuccino, as recommended by experts? The Paulig Barista Institute has all the possible recipes you can think of, and even many of the ones you would never think of.

Naturally, all recipes are made by professional baristas, and follow the standard recipe format of ingredients and instructions. Without any of the luxuries that a food blogger adds. There is a powerful search engine to find what you need.

However, these are not recipes you would need for that morning increase in caffeine. And several of the recipes need ingredients or equipment that you may not have at home.

5. Coffee Geek (Web): the online encyclopedia of drink

Coffee Geek is the destination of choice for those who consider themselves more advanced than the usual amateur. Operating since 2000, it is practically the internet encyclopedia for any information related to coffee. But beginners will find it a bit overwhelming.

There are three main resources: instructions and guides, expert reviews and consumer reviews. The first two are, as expected, exhaustive, detailed and could be considered the last word on the subject.

The third resource is interesting, since it is not easy to get comments from consumers of coffee lovers like you. After all, how much can you trust those Amazon customer reviews for your own tastes? With the variety of coffee products that exist, it's great to hear these opinions.

And as you may have guessed, these reviews are a natural extension of a robust and active forum for lovers of this drink, so immerse yourself in those discussion panels if you want more information or help.

You don't need caffeine

A combination of these resources should help you have a better "Joe cup" than ever before. But with the timeline of Omnicalculator’s Coffee Kick and BrewTime, you might be surprised to learn how often you drink coffee without the need to wake up.

The caffeine burst is an essential reason for many people to drink that cup of coffee. That said, you may not need it as much as you think.