Clash Royale spends a joke for the April Fools’ Day

clash royale giant tombstone

The guys from Clash Royale have just released an update to surprise, corresponding to the balance 1/4, so now we understand why they were in maintenance before yesterday. But don’t emotions, this is an update of a lie, because it was a trap, a joke that you spent a Clash Royale to the users by the April Fools’ Day, which is the equivalent to our April fool’s Day. do you Want to discover the changes pranksters? We mentioned giant tombstone and mortar that shoots barrels of goblins. Find out:

Clash Royale, update 1 April charged jokes

On this occasion the guys from the Clash Royale did not give time to the new balance, simply what launched yesterday, April 1, the Android and iOS devices. These are the changes, that already you advancement that are brutal ended up being a real joke, but there were many who managed to play and upload the videos to YouTube. Amazing:

  • Tombstone is now a Giant Tombstone. The guys from Clash made us believe that the tombstone would become a tombstone larger, skeletons, giants. This would have been a real bomb (forgive the redundancy), because, as we have seen in the previous video, you meet so many skeletons and bombs that is impossible to play with more cards. I don’t catch on the screen!
  • Mortar shoots a barrel of goblins. The guys at Supercell have said that the high levels see little in the barrel of goblins, so you have wanted to then put it together with the mortar. With this update of a lie, we had some very fun and crazy, which would make it more crazy to anyone because it would be unstoppable both the barrel flying.
  • Crossbow shoot everything (own troops, towers and king).

Are the best to spending jokes

Really cute boys Supercell with this joke for the users of Clash Royale. A few changes that would have been crazy and that is may never see. The truth is that at first I could not believe it, but it took me a while to realize the day that was outside of Spain. Better not tell you how many times I searched for the APK of the new Clash Royale. What a pity that everything is a lie! But it would have been impossible to play as well.

don’t miss out as your own crossbow destroys you

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