Clash Royale: minimum Requirements

Clash Royale: minimum RequirementsMany of you have left comments saying that you can not play Clash Royale. In this article we will see very quickly the minimum requirements of a Clash Royale to be able to play without problems and without cuts of any kind. Clash Royale is not a game demanding on resources, but in connection. we will See, what you will need to play in how much to the minimum requirements and other details.

we remind You that we’ve given you solutions if you appeared the message in the Clash Royale “device not compatible”. We look forward to serve you and you get to play this game so addictive and amazing.

minimum Requirements of a Clash Royale

These are the minimum requirements that have been published Supercell about the game:

  • RAM: 500 MB (1 GB recommended for better experience).
  • screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (it is a low resolution that you should have no problems, if you don’t know the resolution of your mobile can you tell me the model in the comments and you look at it).
  • operating System: Android 4.0.3 or higher (the version of Android you can find it in Settings > about phone > Android Version). You should get out, if you have purchased a terminal in the last 2 years it is possible that you have a higher version.

These minimum requirements should not be a problem for practically anyone (ask little). Are features a range low. But remember the following:

  • Connection to the Internet is fundamental. And better that it be a network Wi-Fi that go well without problems (if it is fiber best although you don’t need both). Non-public, which is also dangerous. Prevents data, does not consume too much data Clash Royale but just as you run out of them if you play the whole month.

What kind of Android device do I need to play?

To play Clash of Clans on Android, you need a device that meets, at least, the following specifications:

  • 0.5 GB of RAM (1 GB or more is recommended).
  • Android OS 4.1 or higher.
  • 800×480 screen resolution.

We can not guarantee that these specifications alone will be sufficient for the game to work. Each device works better for a different thing and not everyone is good at playing. In addition, the game may not be stable if the operating system of the device has been modified or the ROM has been customized.

Clash Royale suffers cuts, especially on Android

In the event that your mobile phone or tablet, do not comply with any of these aspects, could you enjoy a bad experience and go to jumps. But you know that I have a Nexus 6P and sometimes it stays frozen and I also have fiber at home, so the game sometimes experiences outages and is not our fault. Here you can take a look at what to do if Clash Royale hangs. And it’s funny because with the features of Nexus 6S I have been stopped on more than one occasion, and for a while, however on the iPad I have always gone well. It is well curious.

If you want to know more, leave us a comment. If you want to contact directly with the guys from Supercell, you can try on Settings > Help and support.