Chrome, everything you need to know about the Volume Master

Volume Master is an extension of the Google Chrome web browser to control and increase the volume of audio playback per tab.

When you open a site with audio, you have at most two options to control the volume. An option is provided by the operating system and is always available. However, change the volume of the entire web browser.

The second option is provided by the browser or the site where the audio is being played. You can get individual volume controls or you can use the browser's mute function to mute audio playback.

Extensions can improve the default functionality. Tab Muter for Chrome adds options to mute individual tabs in the browser.

Volume Master

Volume Master adds volume control options to the Chrome browser. One of its main features is that it can be used to change the volume of each tab individually.

If you play an audio or video clip that is too loud or barely audible in Chrome in a tab. You can use it to reduce the volume of that tab or increase the volume up to 600%. All this without changing the default volume of the web browser or affecting the volume of any other browser tab.

All you have to do is click on the extension icon on the tab that is playing the audio. The extension shows a volume slider that you can use to change the volume. The extension icon indicates the volume level at any time so you can see it at first glance.

Boosting works in a similar way to the volume reduction, only it does not stop at 100%, but it can increase the volume up to 600%. The change takes effect immediately so you can adjust the volume as you see fit.

Another useful feature is the list of all the tabs with audio playback directly in the interface. A click on a list changes to the tab immediately so you can control the audio or other functionality in that tab.

An extension that is always necessary

Volume Master is a useful extension for Google Chrome that improves the volume management in the browser. Add options to increase the volume up to 600% for individual tabs that play audio in the browser. However, an option to set a custom volume for individual sites is not available.

The extension should also work in other Chrome-based browsers.