Check what brands your data has thanks to Facebook

Facebook knows all your secrets, knows what you like and what you don't.

Through the advertisements, the publications you like "I like", in which you comment, the pages you follow and other indicators, Facebook begins to show you what it believes may be "relevant" to you: well, you He runs brand advertising that he knows you'll love as soon as you discover them.

In your favor, let's say Facebook tries to be "transparent" and show you in a part of the menu with which brands have you interacted and, not only that, but also those that:

They uploaded a list with your information and used it to segment their ads

They uploaded and shared a list with your information

You could have used your website or app

Did you visit

You clicked on their ads

Did you hide

What does this mean? Sounds a bit invasive, but Should i worry you

Facebook says the advertisers "posted an ad during the last seven days using a list uploaded to the social network that includes your information, usually your email address or phone number."

And then “Facebook associated the information uploaded with your profile, without revealing your identity to the advertiser through an encryption process. This process ensures that Facebook cannot see the actual contact information that a business uploads and that the business cannot see that of the platform users. Learn more about encryption in the basic aspects of Facebook privacy. ”

Also that “businesses can share the ability to show their ads to the list with other advertisers on Facebook. When this access is shared, the recipient cannot see who is part of the list or share it with third parties. ”

And that Facebook does not sell "personal information to anyone, such as your name, your Facebook posts, your email address or your phone number."

Finally, he says that "guaranteeing the privacy of people is a key aspect that we took into account when designing our ad system."

Anyway, we tell you below how see the brands you have interacted with and how to change your ad preferences:

In the button on the upper right side go to Settings> Ads and there it displays the section “Advertisers and businesses” one of the 6 categories mentioned above will appear, like this:

In the last display, called “How Facebook ads work,” you can learn more about how Facebook works with brands and advertisers and how you can change your ad settings.