Cheat: level up faster in Clash Royale

If you’re playing Clash Royale, you probably already ask yourself how to raise the level (King Level) in the Clash Royale. What is certain is that you level up in this game quickly is not easy, because in order to do this we must have a lot of luck and play well our letters. With a mixture of good play, experience, and a little bit of luck, sure we dominate the game. We tell you how to level up in Clash Royale, that is to say, how to upload King Level.

How to level up in Clash Royale

When we started to play Clash Royale, we find ourselves with a bit of uncertainty in the sense that we do not know what we are playing. Well, the first thing we do is to play a tutorial, and then when we are ready, we jump to the arena at level 1.

level up faster in Clash Royale

To advance in Clash Royale we need to carry many things, such as the variety of cards, the level of the cards, gold in our account to spend on cards, and so on. Among this list of things we must take into account to advance is also our level of experience, so today we show you how to get up to speed quickly:

  1. Level up the cards. Up our level cards is good to have more attack power and also will give us experience for each troop that we raise level. To get cards we have to play games and open the chests we receive, or donate troops, although the dynamic ends up becoming a vicious circle, because to raise the level cards we need gold, and if we choose to donate letters to get gold we need to have a good stock of letters. In any case, we must give priority to the cards we use the most, so nothing to waste gold.
  2. Join a clan and donate troops. We already told you about the advantages of donating troops to get a lot of fast gold in Clash Royale. Each card that we donate to our allies will give us some experience and gold coins, so it’s a good idea to distribute those cards of common type that we accumulate in troops that we do not use much in battle. Therefore, joining a clan and donating troops is almost mandatory to climb faster. In addition, if we are active donors we will also receive letters, and even a charitable soul gives us a rare letter, and even some epic.
  3. Complete the achievements. The normal thing is not paying much attention to the achievements of the game and focus on playing games without stopping to fill the bar of chests, but the achievements of the game are a good way to get experience and free gems. Some of them will automatically skip us simply by playing, although it is always a good idea to go to the achievements section and take a look at what we have left to unblock to give you a push. After all, the rewards are well worth it.

But how do you go up in level? that Is to say, that number that appears in the top left… We have the following tricks:

  • Join a clan. If you join a clan, you automatically will get increase experience points to level up.
  • Donates cards to your friends (25). This will reward you with 5 experience points + 3 gems.
  • Exceeds arenas. Reaching the arena 2, you will get a reward of 5 points + 3 gems.
  • Collect 20 cards. Picking 20 cards from chests (for example), you will complete a total of 5 experience points + 3 gems.
  • Watch a battle on TV Royale. With only seeing a battle on TV Royale (the icon bottom right of all), you earn points.

All of this, we can see in the above screen, if we click on the logo of the medal. In addition to these tricks, we can climb up the King Level, another way:

  • to level Up characters. Doing an upgrade to the characters we have to spend coins, but to change the go up of level and step, we will climb our king level Clash Royale.

level up faster

by Following these tips, you will get up the King Level of Clash Royale faster. For this last trick, raising the level of the characters, you’ll need to spend coins, but you can always get them in chests, without having to go through box.

as the game progresses, it’s going to cost more to upload, but we’re not going to have problems, because every time we can play better.

What do you think of Clash Royale? Do you level up faster with these tips?