Change the display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cost 250 euros

Break the screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is expensive, not only you will sorrow for having broken your smartphone, but your wallet is going to feel with this blow by having to change a curved screen flexible Samsung.

to Change the display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will cost about 270 dollars in the united States and in Spain should cost around 250 euros although surely Samsung can change even more expensive. Yes, Samsung promises that this change of screen will bring a phone back totally flawless and will ensure that it will continue counting water resistance IP68 so that in this change of screen official is includes a complete reset of the phone, and in addition only take between 7 and 10 days, a time of change reasonable.

Galaxy S7 pantalla de bloqueo

do You think it is expensive to change the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

While other brands offer a price change screen much lower (about 160 for an iPhone 6, for example), Samsung manufactures the screens that are already more expensive and add to that how difficult it is to repair a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, we obtain in this way a very high price to be able to replace the screen of the terminal, one of the most expensive pieces of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Yes, three banknotes of 100 euros is what you will need to change the screen of a phone that can easily break when dropped without protection. Now, in order to solve this problem it is best to pay a insurance screen replacement in the case of being very clumsy, now to the own brands offered insurance replacement screen for users to more disaster. If you opt for insurance you will pay a fee per month cheaper, but you’ll make sure that if you break the terminal you don’t have problems to change the screen.

The screen of the Galaxy S7 is formed by a panel flexible glass and that is what makes the Galaxy S7 Edge has a replacement price so expensive. do You pay insurance for if you break the screen of a Galaxy S7? The truth is that I’m not paying and I hope that it will not break or otherwise you will have to shake the wallet too much to change it.