Calls WhatsApp cause overheating in the mobile

¿Your mobile is heated by the calls of WhatsApp? don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal, and happened to me in the Nexus 6P a while ago for this reason I am writing this post. However, I have some solutions that you might serve. And that is what I am going to tell you in this article, if your mobile is heated by the calls of WhatsApp.

We are in the middle of the summer, it is very hot and the terminals are heated more than normal. This is why I talked of several apps in order to cool the cell, that are really good and you’ll be able to keep a better temperature, more stable. This is the first thing you have to do if your mobile phone suffers from heating problems, install one of these apps to keep more stable for these dates.

Calls WhatsApp cause overheating in the mobile

Mobile is heated by the calls of WhatsApp

If you are used to make calls from WhatsApp, you may have noticed that the terminal is heated sufficiently. This can be due to many reasons: to how to be optimized to your smartphone (if you’re testing a version in beta is more likely to go wrong), if you are using it while you’re charging with the charger, quick charging or if it makes excessive temperature. It could also influence your housing was not adequate.

So if your mobile is heated by the calls of WhatsApp do not worry, it is totally normal. It’s happened to many, you’re not the only one. It is not that WhatsApp consumes too much, but these things you always throw away data or Wi-Fi, and therefore the mobile.

If you happen to already know, use some of the apps to cool the cell that we mentioned in the first link. And keep in mind the recommendations of avoid to use it while you’re charging through quick-charge (this always causes overheating). Careful with the covers, the silicone causes a lot of heat and it sticks a lot… and if your terminal has a performance issues, there you have another of the answers.

If you use typically the calls of WhatsApp, you will know that calls WhatsApp can be recorded, and I will tell you the best tricks for you to do it..

How to avoid mobile heating, tips and tricks!

For those people who are very hot cell phone, the main reason a smartphone is heated is the excess of processes in it, that means that you are running some program or applications that consumes a lot of CPU and RAM memory, this is Pretty easy to avoid then we recommend some tips to keep your smartphone from getting very hot.

  1. The place where the mobile is avoid at all costs to put the mobile in a place with little ventilation, especially if you left loading or unloading something, it is good that most of the time the cell phone is kept in a cool place, and in case of not , it’s best to avoid leaving uploading Youtube videos or any other process that uses the CPU a lot.
  2. Disables functions is good to turn off the functions that you do not use at a certain time, and happens that many times, we leave the Bluetooth on, GPS or WIFI, that is why it tries as far as possible to disable these functions while you do not use them, that will avoid Process overload, and therefore the phone does not get hot.
  3. Applications in the background many applications are running in the background, and many times we do not even know that they are running for it, it is always advisable to avoid leaving applications in the background running, as they are many processes Times unnecessary because we do not use it, can be games, or social applications, but not let them running in the background.
  4. Avoid heavy games do not run games that your smartphone is not suitable to support, you should not for example run Need For Speed Most wanted for Android, in a Samsung Galaxy Ace, why? It is simply because it will overload your CPU and will consume all the RAM memory, that is why it is good that you use the games that your smartphone supports.

Applications to control your smartphone’s temperatureApplications to control your smartphone's temperature

There are different applications in Play Store designed to monitor and optimize your phone’s temperature. These are some of the most popular:

Cooler-Coolify Coolify is an application that applies a series of changes in the phone processes, to keep it at an optimum temperature to guarantee its good performance. The use of this application is very simple, since it has a single function: Keep the terminal in low temperatures.

Cooler- Kühlen Sie Ihr Telefon
Cooler- Kühlen Sie Ihr Telefon

CPU Monitor This application shows which phone processing is causing the heating. Similar to the ‘ Battery use ‘ menu in the Android settings, but with the temperature.

Battery Monitor Another service to monitor real-time CPU and battery use in Android. CPU Gauge also notifies us when the battery reaches high levels.

If the area of your smartphone that is most frequently heated is the back, it may be a battery problem. To check if this is the case of your terminal, you can use the code USSD * # * #4636 # * # * To get information about using your phone. This code works on Samsung or LG but not on all smartphones, for example Huawei or Motorola do not accept it.