Bullying: Instagram launches new tools to fight it

Instagram is launching two new tools designed to combat online bullying on its platform. A, use artificial intelligence to warn people that their comment can be offensive, and the other allows users to effectively ban anyone with whom they no longer want to interact.

Instagram is a platform for bullies

Bullying is a particular problem online, and Instagram is one of the platforms that people use to bully others. Things are particularly bad on Instagram because its users are younger, so Instagram is willing to do everything possible to combat the problem.

Instagram has already taken steps to prevent cyberbullying on its platform. And he also launched a parent guide designed to help both parents and children alike understand how to combat this bad behavior.

Behavior that, if it reaches extremes, could cause various physical, mental and emotional problems to the victims. Which often take extreme measures by not being able to overcome cyberbullying, or bullying in general.

How to prevent bullying on Instagram?

Now, Instagram is raising the ante with two new tools designed to prevent online bullying. In a blog post on Instagram, Adam Mosseri, the head of the recsocial, explains how these tools work. And although they are not perfect, they should have a positive impact.

The first tool is designed to encourage positive interactions. Instagram already uses AI to detect cyberbullying and other harmful content after it has been published. But now, Instagram will use AI to detect potentially offensive comments even before they are posted.

The person who posts the comment will see a message asking if they are sure they want to post the comment. The idea is to embarrass people to be friendlier in the hope of undoing their comments and posting something more enjoyable.

The second tool is called "Restrict", which helps you protect your Instagram account when you are suffering from bullying. Restricting someone means that only they can see your comments in your posts. They won't know when you're active on Instagram either.

Restrict is designed to help people who are afraid to block, stop following or report someone in case the situation intensifies. What can be especially bad if the person who harasses you is someone you know in real life.

What to do when you are harassed online?

The warnings to publish something more enjoyable are being implemented now, and Restrict will be implemented in the coming months. These new tools should help make Instagram a more enjoyable platform for everyone.

With this, users can better enjoy the most popular social network on the planet. All without fear of harassment or bullying online. And in this way, users' behavior will be modeled in order to eradicate this bad behavior in social networks, and in society in general.