Brawl Stars: will When will it be available on Android?

Supercell know very well what it is that they like to the users. Has recently launched Brawl Stars for iOS, which we already talked about some days ago: Brawl Stars: The new shooter Supercell. A platform in which players engage in teams up to 3 members, each of them with their own skills and capabilities. Even though it has nothing to do with other games of the company such as Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, and a lot of that is a game from Supercell.

The truth is that in iOS, the Brawl Stars are having a lot of success; and no wonder nothing because the game has very good looking. Clear that now is the time to ask yourself when will it be available for Android. Well, what is certain is that by the time Supercell has not set any official date.

When will Brawl Stars for Android devices?

however, taking into account other games of the company such as Clash Royale, we can tell you an approximate date. Clash Royale was released in beta form early last year 2016; its official launch in Android came only a month later, in February.

we Also have South Park as a benchmark to approximate the date on which the Brawl Stars will be available for Android; will be presented at E3 2017, which was held last week in Los Angeles and has already been released. It is not a game of Supercell, but it is good to give us a rough idea.

Brawl Stars

To the extent that have gone through the years, the time elapsed between the release of the beta version and the official launch for Android has been reducing considerably. Therefore, Brawl Stars could be available in mid-July as a maximum; maybe Supercell it delayed until the end of July, but we don’t see it too likely.

do You wish that Brawl Stars arrive for Android? What has any of you tried this game on iOS?

We will continue counting all the developments emerging on the game, that sure are not few!