Borderlight Live Wallpaper, or how to light up the edges of your OnePlus 6

The truth is that little by little all mobile phones are looking more like between them. All bring (almost) the same hardware and the differences are minimal. For this reason it is not other to give a touch of customization and extra “Borderlight Live” is a animated wallpaper that illuminates the edges of your OnePlus 6.

¿how does this work and what does it do? Stay to know all the details of this interesting Wallpaper. Before you continue you should remember that here you can know how is Android Standing on the OnePlus 6.

do A background that illuminates the edges of my OnePlus 6? Borderlight

Has been a user of XDA in charge of bringing us this fund, which, by the way, is luxury. Broadly what it does is creating a border around the screen changing color gently. Yes, it lacks any kind of settings since this application was developed in a single day.

in spite of this does not cause any expense of battery life beyond what you need and do not have closures forced by any application. Anyway stay tuned to the post on XDA of Borderlight, almost certainly will add one new feature due to the good recognition that you have had. You can also come by the forum and leave your suggestions.

Installing it is very simple and does not require to do anything weird. Simply go to this link which will take you to Google Drive and, from there, you’ll need to download a APK. Then install it like one and you’ll be ready. Easy, simple, and for the whole family.

Now you just have to try it and tell us your opinion in the comments section. We loved the idea and it may be that in future the app will be much better, only time will tell.

¿did you like this background screen that illuminates the edges of your OnePlus 6? Do you think that is a lot of development, or what basic already does well? Down you have the comments section.

Source | XDA Developers

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