Bixby will support 8 languages at launch: does Including the Spanish?

Bixby Samsung

All the world knows that the wizard virtual are the future. The era of artificial intelligence has not done more to start and as the years pass, the technology will be put to our service to help us in our day-to-day.

While the people are waiting of Samsung future Galaxy S8 very powerful and very capable, we have already seen that the Korean company has been working in the right direction and preparing your new virtual assistant to be of service to the users. Bixby, unlike Google’s Assistant, it seems to be a wizard prepared for the masses and at launch will support about 8 different languages.


Bixby: what will the virtual assistant of Samsung?

Bixby will be much more capable than all that we know until now, or that they want to make us believe in Samsung. In fact, my inner self, it tells me that the rear button that looks like a finger sensor might be button that would trigger to Bixby and does not seem to me to nothing outlandish.

Samsung has bought Viv for something and what is true is that Google’s Assistant, even to this day, it only supports 4 languages (German, English, Portuguese and hindi). Bixby Samsung will support 8 languages at launch, among which will be the English, Korean, and chinese. We assume that Spanish will be one of those 8 languages, but for the moment we can’t confirm it.

Bixby, the assistant that aims to stand away from Android

We are clear that Samsung would Android for Tizen if it is cost-effective but in time to fight in the unnatural form in this way has decided to launch products that could attach to Tizen in the future. If Bixby becomes necessary Samsung could head to Tizen easily, with an important added value.

Bixby is not just a wizard created for mobile devices, this could get to your SmartTV, home appliances and other connected devices of the Internet of Things. Bixby wants to be a key ecosystem for Samsung and for that you must do it really well. For the moment there will be that expect the presentation of Samsung on 29th of march in New York city, at which time you could present your future smartphone. It seems that the Galaxy S8 will go on the market around the 20th of April.

Source | SamMobile