Benefit Of Upgrading Android 9 Pie

Android updates are always benefits for our mobile because it integrates changes in security, usability, battery saving. Some upgrades bring important aesthetic benefits, while others are committed to improving the performance of the system or adding features that will make it more mature and interesting to use the phone.

Why is it important to update Android? It is always important to update for security and error solving also add security patches (fix vulnerabilities), fix bugs and add new features.

As update Android, with regard to updates to the final consumer that we are, the manager of distributing the updates are telecom operators, as they are responsible for maintaining or supporting their customers in function The type of terminal they have. For this reason there are dozens of Android-based terminals on the market with different versions of the operating system and no possibility to upgrade to the latest version.

If you want to make an update first it is advisable to consult with the operator and ask him to manage it.

Android 9 Pie benefits and highlights and how to update

The first to receive the new update of Android 9 Pie are the terminals of the Google itself Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2. The deployment of updates to Android 9 Pie has already begun and Google has confirmed that during this fall will reach many models of major brands. Huawei, Sony Mobile, OnePlus, OPPO, LG or Xiaomi, among others. But let’s review the benefits of Actualziar our mobile.

More autonomy

Android 9 Pie will allow us to reduce the consumption of the terminal, saving the energy for those processes and applications that most use and reducing consumption in other processes not used but that equal spend energy. This function on Android 9 Pie is called adaptive battery.

How to use Adaptive Battery?

How to use Adaptive Battery
Go to Android Device SettingsTap on Battery – Tap on Adaptive Battery – Turn on the toggle button

But in case of use of battery where it does not involve processes like the illumination of the screen. Illuminating the screen used by our smartphones occupies at least 50% energy from our battery, so one way to save energy is to adjust the intensity of the lighting to the minimum essential.

But in Android 9 Pie is to adjust the brightness not only taking as reference the sensor that evaluates the ambient luminosity, but also our tastes. If on a specific schedule or with a particular application we like to reduce the brightness, or increase it,

How to use Adaptive Brightness?

How to use Adaptive Brightness
Go to Android Device Settings – Tap on Display – Tap on Adaptive Brightness – Turn on the toggle button

Android will discover it and adjust it for us. To this feature on Google they call it adaptive brightness.


APP actions, a series of custom shortcuts for certain functions, that try to predict what you’re going to do next. For example, you will see a link to Google Maps If you are about to go to work, or a shortcut to Spotify if you just connect a pair of headphones. To view them, open the Android Apps folder.

How to get App Actions?

How to get App Actions
On the home screen, press and hold anywhere to open the Home settings – Open the Suggestions tab from the list – Select the Actions tab and press the toggle switch next to it to enable it.

APP actions, and your goal is to predict what we’re about to do to start doing it before we ask the operating system.

Slices: Android 9 Pie now will show in the Finder a few portions of extra information to complement the information with the data of the application itself. So if we are looking for a transport application we can open it directly to request a car with driver to pick us up from our home or work.

Navigation by gestures: Android 9 Pie renews its navigation system to move to the gestures that so fashionable has put the iPhone X. The button to view recent disappears to welcome a new bottom bar that will do the start button times when you press once or recent button when you slide up. Sliding the bar made the dice we can also jump from application to application.

Enhanced Smart Text selector: The Android 8 Oreo Intelligent Text Selector is enhanced on Android 9 Pie to recognize more applications that can open or search for a text to perform an action.

Digital well-being: functionality within the operating system, in theory, to show us how much time we spend handling the mobile phone, in an attempt to promote the responsible consumption of smartphones and be less addictive and not interrupt our Sleep patterns.Digital Wellbeing features

  • A screen allows you to see how much time you spend using the device, detailing the hours and minutes you dedicate to your favorite apps.
  • You can set timers to limit the use of some programs.
  • When the boundary approaches, you receive a warning and the app icon disappears (although this lock can be cancelled).
Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

How to upgrade your Pixel to Android 9.0 Pie

Pixel, XL Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are receiving official Android 9 Pie through an OTA update. The first users to receive this new version are the users enrolled in the Android Beta program.

You can update manually by installing the OTA file:

  1. Download the OTA file corresponding to our device and save it without decompressing within the same folder of the ADB.
  2. We connect the device to the computer and in a command window we run: ADB reboot recovery. When the Android logo appears on the device with the red exclamation press at the same time volume up + Power.
  3. Using the volume keys select Apply Update from ADB and enter with the Power key.
  4. We write from the command window of our computer the instruction adb sideload. zip file. For example: adb sideload sailfish-OTA-PPR 1.180610.009-DDEAD1AF. zip
  5. When the upgrade is complete, we only have to restart the selected device reboot the system now. This process will leave the device up to date respecting our data.

Users who do not want to wait can carry out the update manually downloading the OTA file, if you have the opportunity to upgrade your Android device to a higher version, do not wait a second of more to enjoy all The advantages that can contribute.