Android Auto does not work on the Samsung Galaxy S10

Several users are reporting that the Galaxy S10 have problems of compatibility with Android Auto, as the application can not be opened, while others say yes let them install and open the application, but after a few minutes Android Auto shuts down Automatically. Given the wide range of vehicles and main units affected, it definitely seems that this goes through a S10 Software update topic that allows to cover the wide variety of car models that use Android Auto and for now it is not clear whether Samsung You have a solution to this problem.

In an apparent way, everything indicates that the problem occurs when we give the first order to Android Auto because of a possible problem of incompatibility in the firmware of the device, preventing that the mobile does not detect the application correctly and can not run it in a way Correct.

Samsung has not mentioned anything about it, but are likely to be working on a solution, because it is a software problem, the company could launch an update to correct the failure, but we could also see a new update of Android Auto to give solution to the problem.

¿What is the error that presents Android Auto in the Galaxy S10?

Android Auto does not work on the Samsung Galaxy S10First of all Samsung has not yet given any kind of response to this drawback, so that no one knows, officially, what is the problem in itself. However, users have reported two types of faults:

  • can’t open the application.
  • Can open the app and spend a few minutes shuts down.

users also have explained that this error still occurs even if you uninstall and re-install the app, reboot the phone, or even formatting it.

This would not be the first error or the first failure that presented the Galaxy S10, since some users have also explained that the screen of the S10 would be turning on while in your pocket.

Like any new device, it should be taken into account that sometimes they may have minor faults or adjustments, and precisely as is the case with the Samsung S10 and its variants, it will have to spend some time to be at 100% stable.

Source | SamMobile