Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones 5.5 inch

Ventajas y desventajas de los móviles de 5,5 pulgadas

There are 3 types of users: users that want a large mobile, users who want a small mobile and users who are in doubt about whether it is best one size or another. In this article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones 5.5 inch, if you’re one of those users that are doubtful, and you it is more clear what is the best option at the time of purchasing a smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones 5.5 inch

throughout these years, we have gone going mobile large to small mobile, and then of mobile small mobile large of new. What is going on? Why some users want larger screens, and other more small? In this article we will analyze and we will see what to choose and why.

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In my opinion, I prefer the a large screen of 5.5 inches up. Then I will tell you according to my point of view what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile phone as large as 5.5 inches or more. Remember also, that is the size by which you have bet also Apple, despite being of small mobile:

Advantages to 5.5 inches

  • More screen to enjoy multimedia content: without a doubt, the great advantage of having a large mobile is that we have more screen to enjoy multimedia content (watch movies, view music videos, photos…) and of course, to play the best games, because that is not the same bet by a screen of regular size by a large that allows us to much more.
  • Better handling of applications: having a large mobile also will allow us to better handle many applications, such as for example office. To be able to edit documents on a big screen is great because we have more space to do so, which makes work more comfortable that will allow us to despair unless from a small mobile through which we would not see anything.
  • Ideal for users who do not see well the small print: if we will give to our parents or someone older a mobile phone of 5.5 inches, we might throw it to the head because it is huge. However, to use it will not be stretching the phone all the time or picking up the glasses to be able to send a WhatsApp. This might fix it also with a smaller mobile, but changing to a larger print size in accessibility for example.
  • easier to write: when you have a big screen you can type more comfortably and quickly. If you have trouble writing in your small, mobile, insurance which notes the change if you move to the 5.5 inch minimum.

Disadvantages 5.5 inch

  • More difficult to transport: it is clear that having a large mobile has limitations, such as, for example, that it is difficult to transport from one site to the other. Being a girl is easy because we carry the bag, but the guys are more complicated. Although it is true that a mobile phone of 5.5 inches gets in the front pockets of most pants of the boys (though many believe they do not).
  • The battery melts faster: it is clear that the more screen the more battery you spend. Usually the manufacturers make it proportional so that if a user acquires a terminal large, you will have more mAh of battery that last longer the battery proportionally. However, it always ends before. This depends on the usage and how we have our device optimized.
  • what Takes longer to load? This depends more on the terminal than anything else. Normally, if the mobile phone is 5.5 inches has a capacity larger battery, so it is normal to take longer to load than a smaller one. However, you can come perfectly, with fast load and leave us speechless.
  • how to Change the screen is more expensive? Normally, if we want to replace the screen because it has broken, it is more expensive if it is larger, although this does not hold for all cases because it also depends on the quality. But what is clear is that if you break a 5.5-inch touch proceed to checkout and pay more.
  • More difficult to handle with a single hand: not if you have big hands, but you may notice that you drop more easily or simply that you find difficult to handle with a single hand to unlock it or type on it. Yes it is true that it will cost us to handle it with a single hand, it is not a myth, but it also gives us other things.

¿What users like best?

Each user is a world. Normally, if we focus on the ages, we see that young people prefer to the terminals is large, however, so that they reach an age already are opting for smaller ones, perhaps because of transportation or because it simply seems too large and are not going to get much juice.

Opinión Nexus 6 6 meses de uso

In my case I have a Nexus 6 5,96 inches. What is certain is that it is not as big as it looks, given that it takes very well the edges, and from top to bottom is almost equal to that of the iPhone 6s is 5.5 inches. why I prefer a mobile 5.5-inch minimum? By the following:

  • More display -> more possibilities.

A large mobile, it allows you to do everything, even do without a tablet because you can edit files, play games, take him anywhere and do anything you want without limit. That is why it is called phablet. Without a doubt, 5.5 inches is the size that I recommend to everyone, because once you try it you will not want to return to a mobile retail display.

What mobile do you have? Do you it seems far-fetched to have a cell phone of 5.5 inch or more? keep in mind, that 5.5 for many it is the perfect size and even there are few terminals larger 5.5-inch on the market.

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