5 tricks infallible to flirt on Badoo

5 tricks infallible to flirt on BadooBadoo is one of those social networks in which, the main objective, is to link. Obviously we are going to sell the bike that We serve to know people but usually, 80% of the people who are on Badoo, you want to flirt with someone. The remaining 20% tries to get to know someone without many pretensions but well, maybe 20% is a percentage too high, who knows.

Want to meet people and have something with it, rarely continue to forward if they see that there is going to come out just a friendship, at least not what people often do not have problems to interact in the street. Obviously there are also people using Badoo as a tool for lack of time to get to know people in a zone that has just arrived, getting to know people, integrate into their circles and gradually socialize from the social network as an easy way to reality without much effort and then you stop using this network.

  1. Badoo is the most widely used app in the world with over 360 million users worldwide. Do you really think that just your half-Orange is waiting for you outside the app?
  2. Your profile photos have to be clear. Don’t you manage to go out to dinner? Well, in your profile photos too: No half-face, sunglasses.
  3. It makes it clear what you’re looking for. Before registering with Badoo, you are asked if you want to make new friends, chat or have an appointment.
  4. About you. No phrases made, no aggressive or say everything worth knowing. Be suggestive but without passing there are some scary descriptions. A good idea is to put things you like: Favorite movie, favorite book, actor and favorite actress, restaurant that you like so people can see your style indirectly.
  5. Badoo makes it super easy. There is a section in the app that is called clones that is fun because there you’ll find guys of his style a good way to filter by dark brown eyes.
  6. Don’t judge. Just like sometimes you think that the messages or emails go with second, you will have the same in the chats. Don’t get defensive or break your head.

5 tricks to flirt on Badoo

Ligar en Badoo is not easy, it is true, it is also very complicated if you’re a man already, that the chances of success are reduced too much. Then… how ligo on Badoo? is there any secret formula? For all of the experiments that we have seen, obviously, if you are an attractive person you are much more likely to succeed at Badoo although obviously these people don’t usually go to this platform and you will find, in general, people are more average or low self-esteem.

Ligar en Badoo is complicated but not impossible

The photos too exaggerated or too perfect tend to be fake profiles, there are lots of people doing experiments on Badoo, others believe in some point of your life and not deleted the account, and some use it in reality but in Badoo there are so many people inactive, and more now in full 2015 when the applications are on the rise are other totally different and more dynamic but without doubt Badoo remains the most complete and useful, the penalty is the amount of inactive profiles that exist. Then you’ll have your 5 tricks, 5 tips that will lead to flirting on Badoo or, at least, to have more possibilities.

takes Care of the profile

note that, when you are talking to a person, the only contact they have with you is your profile. In your profile there are several things, a description of yourself with some data on aspects of interest and a description free. In addition to that it also are pictures.

  • Covers the profile with information about your height, color of your eyes, etc. for people to see you as a real person. Covers the relationship, what you are looking for, sexuality, appearance, housing, children, tobacco, and little more, the rest is irrelevant.
  • In the description, if you choose to put something, don’t be stupid. Do not tell your life, tell something interesting, also you may care to ramble like a madman. It is best not to cover it or put a couple of sentences but do not use any topical, I know original.
  • The photos are the most important and the profile photo is the most important thing there is. Your profile photo should be your best photo, there is no other way to do this, you have to seem a seducer in it. If you have a picture where you come out well really take advantage of it. There is No other way to get better than through the eyes. Then do not add 50 photos simultaneous, it is best to add a couple of photos so you can see that you are an actual profile and that you are the same person of the pictures but also adding a good picture, no photos in a poor state, photos sales fatal, all that will deduct points and will reduce your chances of success.

The profile is the most important thing at the time that a girl or a boy decide to talk to you about, if you sample everything and you do it wrong you will surely have to discard it and all is lost, once access to speak to you, because you can that thing change, and to be guided by your words but before the first word exists only that eye contact must be taken care of to the maximum.

Examine your victims

What are you looking for on Badoo? What a cruisy day? What a friendship? you Must have it clear from the first moment and for this you should analyze very well the profiles you want to contact. Forget about the profiles more powerful if you are a normal person, “pivones” normally not talk to.

Looking for normal people, people that awaken something in you but not the typical monkey show or the typical goddess that you don’t know what to paint on Badoo. A very high percentage of those profiles are fake, the other % may be real but not contacted with the profiles that do not stand out and you may are already abandoned a long time ago.

Use common sense and know the original

note that a normal woman can receive about 1000 messages in 4 days, if you do not use the common sense you can hardly ever stand out from the 1000 messages. A guy very well endowed and with a few good pictures, but without exaggeration to not beware you could receive 50 as much, the market is somewhat changing, and obviously there are many men for every woman despite the fact that there are more women in the earth, it is so unfair.

If you want to highlight to part of to take care of your profile, choose a real person-and to find an active person (can be real but do not use Badoo today) you must be original. Do not start your message with the classic “Hello wapa“, if you do so you will definitely be one more. I know the original message, encourages the conversation or stirs interest, otherwise you will not get anything. A messages worked, examined their profile, where you live, and adapting to the day that is may be the most common.

don’t obsess

Rome was not made in a day“, that keep it clear. If you want to meet someone on Badoo, either for one thing or the other do not have it to succeed in a day, nor in two, in fact it is best not to spend too much time on the application but almost better to go reviewing a little each day and watching the new people enter, there will be more loss and will much more easily to a cordial invitation.

Badoo is a platform, it’s like trying to flirt by Facebook in reality but, of course, on Facebook there is a lot more real people, and people are less receptive if you go very crazy but it is possible, you can flirt on Badoo, on Facebook or in real life, but be patient, do not be heavy, the heavy are the first to not eat a donut.

don’t go too far

it Is true that the more you extend the search radius the easier it will be to find someone to talk to, it is true. Anyway, the closer the better because it will be more possible that go to the reality. If you know people through apps that are on the other end of the country probably find it easily with who to talk to but it will be very difficult to get there, much more difficult for that ends in something that is no more than a chat conversation.

Tries to find people around you or near a large city that has been close to home, if you want to look for people somewhere remember that it is easy to distort the location of GPS in Android.


Ligar en Badoo is possible, it is true, is complicated (and more if you’re a man and your photos are not the best) but it is possible. Obviously one has to to adapt a little to the profiles of your level because that the physical does not matter does not work on a platform where the way to connect is through photos.

In fact, the profiles of women, have the inbox fills up in a matter of hours and the profile of a man it is impossible to fill if you are passive, is of unbalanced the thing, but sometimes you meet people by Badoo, it is true, it passes. you would Not be neither the first, nor the second, thousands of people have known for Badoo and some things end up even, in the best cases a good friendship is not achieved every day, but believe me, that especially when someone comes to a site that you don’t know people need to not feel alone and these platforms are the way of escape that is perfect for meeting new people.

Badoo it perfect for getting to know people and more if you are a girl but you’ll have to select among many applications, you agobiarás. Badoo is neither lie nor truth, in Badoo there’s real people, fake profiles and inactive profiles but without doubt with a little patience you can get it. what about you, what advice would you give to someone just starting out on Badoo?