5 Tips to raze on Instagram

Did you know that the number of active monthly users of Instagram grows faster than Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat?

In June 2018, Instagram reached a staggering 1,000 million active monthly users, as well as at least 25 million business profiles worldwide. And, Instagram users love interacting with companies.

Instagram statistics tell us that at least 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile every day. And, 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram.

That's a lot of love that Instagrammers show to companies. In this post, we will help you get into the action and guide you through how to generate tracks on Instagram with proven tips.

Before going into detail, let's talk about what kind of businesses benefit most from Instagram's marketing.

Who should use Instagram?

We want to start by saying that no matter what you're selling, with more than 1,000 million active users monthly on Instagram, you'll probably see some benefits of Instagram marketing. Maybe you want to consider it.

Of course, there are eCommerce and offline businesses that sell products that are naturally more visual than they should definitely be using Instagram marketing.

Here are a couple of things you want to see:

Industrial adjustment

Certain industries, such as automotive, fashion, beauty and travel, seem to be made for Instagram. And, considering the numbers of those brands on Instagram, those brands are taking advantage of it.

This is great news for you because you can use them as case studies. Take a look to see what they are doing; he uses his successes as inspiration and his mistakes as learning opportunities.

Visual Products

Instagrammers also live for visual storytelling. The beautiful images and videos are a huge attraction for the platform, so if you have a product that is super photogenic or that lends itself well to images in other creative ways, Instagram will love it.

In short, almost any business can benefit from Instagram marketing with a little creativity. Below, we will guide you through 12 proven ways to generate leads with Instagram.

How to generate tracks on Instagram

The generation of Instagram prospects takes more than a place here and there and a few hashtags. Like any other aspect of your marketing, Instagram marketing requires planning.

Generating leads through Instagram and other social media platforms is much simpler when integrated into your overall marketing strategy. Be sure to plan your Instagram campaigns, content, stories and even hashtags in advance to get the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts.

Now, let's go into the specific steps you can take to generate Instagram sales opportunities like crazy!

Use Instagram Lead Generation ads

To use Instagram generation lead generation ads, you'll need to create a Facebook page and an Instagram business profile.

Once you have those two things in place, go to the Ad Manager to start building your ad.

You will start by choosing the generation of potential customers as a marketing objective and naming your campaign.

Facebook makes the process of creating an ad really easy:

Choose your marketing objective.

Define your audience

Select your location (Facebook recommends Automatic Placements and we, too).

Establish your offer (optimize for potential customers or for link clicks).

Choose an ad format.

Create your potential customers form.

For step-by-step instructions on how to create leads, visit Facebook.

Create audiences similar to Facebook

Creating a similar or personalized audience on Facebook allows you to target Instagram users who are similar to your current customers. This is a great step to take if you already have at least 1,000 Instagram followers.

Facebook allows you to create a similar audience for Instagrammers based on things like:

All those who committed to their Instagram profile.

Only those who visited your profile.

Only those who commit to your content or ads.

People who have sent a message to their company profile.

Those who saved any of your messages or announcements.

Similar audiences help you generate high-quality leads by targeting users who are most likely to be interested in your products.

Optimize your biography

The only drawback of Instagram is that it is not able to add links that can be clicked on messages. In addition, you only get a link to click on your biography.

Do not worry. There are some tremendous things that can be done with a single click.

A great optimized Instagram biography is designed with your target audience in mind. In one of their Instagram profiles, ASOS encourages its recipients (mostly millennia) to share user-generated content with #AsSeenOnMe to appear in the ASOS Instagram feed. They also connect 2 of the other ASOS Instagram accounts and use their unique link to link users to the ASOS website.

As you can see, there are 3 important elements for an optimized Instagram profile:

Profile image



Just remember that when you refer to "link in bio" in your Instagram messages, those references will be obsolete if you change your bio link. There are a couple of tools you can use to avoid that problem; we will see them later.

Commit to your audience

What are social media without the "social" part? You have to compromise with your audience if you really want to generate leads through IG.

One of the easiest ways to increase commitment is simply to respond to everything (except spam). But do not just toss a can of "Thank you" and continue with your day.

If you really want to grow your audience and potential IG clients, you have to take time to dig a little deeper and create a thoughtful response.

Hot Box Cookies does an excellent job to attract your audience to Instagram:

Committing to your audience does not mean that your answers have to be a paragraph, or even several sentences. It only shows that you paid attention to your comment.

Keep your answers attractive and human too. There are many ways to do it:

Use emojis

Share related images

Reply with a funny GIF (available only in stories).

Ask a follow-up question.

Watch out! You can still participate if you do not have your own audience.

Look for similar brands (yes, your competitors) and involve the Instagrammers who are getting involved with them.

Anything you can do to make your brand look more accessible, friendly and attractive will win new followers and make them come back for more, and they will bring friends.

Share user-generated content

We have already mentioned briefly the content generated by the users, but it is important enough to deserve its own section.

The content generated by the user is any unpaid content issued by the fans and is huge when it comes to social tests. People trust what other people tell them about a product or brand, even if those other people are online.

IG is a perfect platform to share user-generated content to take advantage of both the social test and the commitment that the content brings.

Let's take a look at the content generated by ASOS #AsSeenOnMe users before:

By using this hashtag, ASOS followers can tag themselves using ASOS products, increasing the reach of the ASOS brand.

You can also create an Instagram collection of user-generated content that you have permission to use, so you can interact with the follower and easily find the content when you want to use it.