5 tips for choosing a clan in Clash Royale

Although it may seem that “da igual”, choose clan and a good clan in the game is very important for all of the features of the game, since it is a bit collaborative when it comes to getting chests and cards. That’s why, today we want to give you 5 tips for choosing a clan in Clash Royale.

do Not choose a clan every day. Many users have been in the same clan for a lifetime and there are also users more restless than always go from one to the other. What is certain, is that to be in a clan, if it’s good and you want to be time, you need to comply with rules and at times impossible. That’s why we’re going to give you these tips for choosing a clan in Clash Royale that you can’t lose.

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5 tips for choosing a clan in Clash Royale

If you have problems to choose a clan or you don’t know which one to choose or why, these are some advice or tips to choose a clan that give you:

  • Complies with the glasses. It is worth nothing that want to be in one of the best clans in the world then if you do not comply with the cups. Yes, that in a first moment you can catch, but they are going to be very on top of you to upload of cups and you might have trouble or you might take if you do not comply.
  • Looking for a clan active. If you want to level up fast, improve your cards and others, you need a clan active is a donor and with that open all the chests of clans without any problem.
  • Read the rules. If you don’t want to have problems, read the rules of your clan and make sure that you are willing to comply with them.
  • Best that speak your language. Extra clans with holes that speak your language safe, and so it will be much easier to understand everything.
  • If you know someone, the better. If you know anyone in the clan before you get better, because this ensures that you do not make the vacuum, since in many time-consuming spend of the new on everything if no one knows.

do You have been helpful to our tips? What do you recommend you?

we Hope that we have been of help these 5 tips for choosing a clan in Clash Royale! Can you give us more? Do not hesitate to tell us about your experience with clans.